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hoppin mama

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Feb 11, 2007
smoker widow glad to be here. I would tell you about my smoker but you already know about it. I think its time he shared with me how it works. I,m glad to be here and the chance to share and compare.
Welcome Hoppin Mama -

That smoker is in my dreams! You've got one of the best smokers around now all you gotta do is get in there and do it!

Welcome to the Forums, hoppin mama
Welcome hoppin mama, it's nice to have another couple join in the fun !!!:D

tonto1117 & Bud's BBQ
Welcome hoppin mama. Glad you're involved with the hubby's hobby. How long til there's a little smoker sittin next to the Hot Rod General? :shock: I saw a cute mini smoker set up on a trailer on eBay, maybe msmith can go to work makin a mini version (Little Corporal) and call it Napoleon ;)

Keep Smokin
Thanks for all of the welcomes. There may be a few things we dont do togather as a family but cooking and eating aint one of them. Some of this families best times are around the General. Yes a bus would be a good idea cause when we get togather we are our own crowd.
Hey HOOKED bet i can cook on the General better.
Cheech we might have to work out a time table for the computer but the General has two sides we can use at once.
P.C. I would love to have a smoker of my own but we just dont have enough drive way plus I think General might get a little jealous maybe if we give it a girls name it would be ok. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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