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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
hi everyone. I'm from Monroe, La, 53 yrs old and cook on a Brinkman Smoke N Pit Smoke King Deluxe that I have converted to cook with gas and charcoal and wood.

Looking forward to talking to some other Smoker nuts.

I have a 10# brisket marinating in the fridge for next Friday night. 8)
yo monroe dude,
im glad to meet you!
your modified COOKER sounds way cool.
this is the place to meet "smoker nuts"[i quote you]
if you have pictures of internal works of
your smoker, i think all here would like to see it.

im SURE i say for everyone already here
welcome to the smoking meat forum!
Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums, cajunsmoker. You'll find plenty of smoker nuts here.

The modifications to your Smoke N Pit sounds interesting. If you haven't noticed already~We like pictures! :D So if you can "show and tell" us what you did to your smoker we would really appreciate it.
Hi Larry and Earl.

Just got in from a hard day's work and checked out the forum.

My camera is busted right now and wife is deciding which one to get to replace it. :roll: When WE make our mind up I will post pictures.

I can tell you that I am a plumber and HVAC contractor so I am familiar with gas and controls. I took the gas valve from a wall furnace, the thermostat from an electric range and the burner from an LP water heater and made my smoker do what I wanted it to do.

What I wanted it to do was hold a constant heat for as long as I wanted it to 200 - 250 deg. and have the capacity to apply smoke to a lot of meat.
This configuration seems to work great.

I previously had problems getting this smoker to hold a constant temp above 150 deg. It would heat up good but cool off in about 2 hours. My wife said fix it or we would go out to eat BBQ. :shock: Tried the adjusting of the air thing, but it just never seemed to work right with this particular smoker, however I like the way the smoker is layed out. Here is a picture of the original smoker from Brinkman.

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