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Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums, BJ. Glad you joined us and I hope that this Forum provides the answers to all your smoking questions. If you have a question that you haven't found answer for, ask away and someone will help you out.

How long have you been smoking meats and stuff and what do you like to smoke?
Welcome aboard BJ! You'll love being in on the SMF. You'll get tons of information from all the others, like I have already. Actually, the whole website is a wonderful place to spend some time.

Welcome to SMF BJ, I'm having a BBQ today, Been smoking a pork shoulder all night and it's done. I'll be posting pictures soon. I started my ribs this morning at 7am. We are also making jerk chicken..
Well back to the smoker..

Earl D-

New to smooking meats, Having to eat more healthy. I cook a lot of whole chickens. Grill normal stuff stakes, hamburgers, hot dog when you got a pool in the backyard and two girls always seams to have guest.

Friday was a quick 12 hamburgers. Saturday was beef and chicken fajita's. Sunday morning got two birds on a rack of ribs. Had to test may modifications to the smoke box and smoke stack since Friday.

Thanks for asking.

working up to cooking Brisket and pork shoulders.

I have alwyas been smoking meats way back as a kid doing turkeys for the holidays. Use to use a bullet style.

For as how long benn grilling all my life. Smoking just a couple of years except for when I was growing up.
For a great and easy thing to practise on try pulled pork.

You get a great chunck of meat that is worth the work.

You have the experience of holding the temp in the smoker.

And it is just great fun.

Welcome aboard
Hi BJ, I just smoked a pork shoulder this weekend.. I posted the pics in the "Pork Forum" .. I been smoking meat for sometime now in my weber and use to have an old bullet type smoker and just got a char-broil smoker with the firebox .. I found this sight and the folks here set me straight seeing how I never use this type of a smoker but I got the hang of it real quick with a li'l help from the SMF folks..

Smoke'm if ya Got'em

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