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Feb 2, 2006
Kingston, Massachusetts
Hello all,
Thought I would say an 'official' hello. I have been smokin' for most of my life and it only gets better. I currently live in New Zealand but will move back to the states next month. I am originally from Texas but am moving to the Boston area (brrrrrrr). Can't wait! It looks like there is a great bunch of folks there who are pretty serious about que so I will look forward to meeting some of them.
I currently have an upright smoker made here in NZ. It really is a good one and allows great control of the temps while cooking. The worst thing is no mesquite or hickory here, not to mention many of the spices I like to use. Anyway, I look forward to spending a lot of time on this forum and website.

Keep on queing,
aka SmokinBloke
Welcome Ken, your right, Boston, very cold, but you will feel quite at home and very warm and welcome on this forum. The people here have a great deal of knowledge to share and hope you will share yours. BEAR
Ken, I know your move back to the States is still a month away but let me saw Welcome Home and Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums. It's nice to have experienced folks sign on as it deepens the "Well of Knowledge" that we can share with those just learning the art.
To tell you this I join this in Feb. and to let you know there ain't a better place on the net as in about smokin meat, I been smoking for years and now I feel I can learn even more, or just to tell as it is about your or their turn out, what best way to build a smoker well just about anythings. So welcome.
howdy SmokinBloke

a warm welcome from a newer member too!! i stumbled across this site a while back but just joined a couple of months ago, and wow at all the information i have learned. so much i get confused on what im doing.

any way glad to see your comming back to the states and i cant wait to read some of your recipes!!!

see you later in other posts
I'd like to also add my welcome to the forum and also back to the states. Just out of curiosity, what kind of wood do you use down there and also, what kind of meats? I assume pork, beef, chicken etc. just like here in the states but are there others? Welcome and let us hear from you often.
Welcome SmokinBloke-

Glad you've found this site. I can tell you all of the smoking adventures the boy and I have had would probably have turned down hill pretty fast without the great advice we've found here on this site. I hope you find the same great wealth of information.
Happy Smoking.
Hello again and thanks for all the great responses. Florida Bill, I'm not sure what kind of wood we are using, it seems to work OK though. I am used to using oak and mesquite back in Texas. The meats are the same but I have problems getting decent cuts. For example, going to the butcher and asking for a brisket is quite a chore. They are kind of clueless as to what I really want. Brisket here is sold with the bone on, apparently. Anyway I have managed a few good briskets. Chickens are common and the pork is pretty good. Sausage tends to be over-processed to the point of being a bit mushy. Sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not. Things are just different here. You can bet I have introduced a whole bunch of Kiwis to real barbque and they seem to love it. Heck, at a recent party, I smoked 3 chickens and an 10lb brisket and didn't even get a bite. You can bet that the next weekend we had a little brisket of our own. Anyway, can't wait to get back to the good ol' USA :D .
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