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smokin selly

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Dec 31, 2005
Hi I am Jason aka smokin selly, from WI and I am just beggining my smoking adventure i have done Standing Rib Roast and chicken which have turned out good I use a wood/charcoal smoker. I have a genuine interest in cooking food and my family/friends say I worry way to much about pleasing people I cook for but isn't that what it's all about. I am excited to try more things with smoking and relish the thought of success. talk to you soon.
Hi Jason,
Welcome to the forum. Sounds to me that you get as excited as the rest of us about smoking, you'll fit in here just fine. This is the place to learn, these folks are the best. Hope to hear more from you.

Hey Jason.. good to have you here! Don't worry a bit about being overly concerned that the food tastes good and all that. I am very particular about what I produce and I am almost obsessive about it but it is a good thing 'cause it drives me to keep getting better and better and to keep learning new methods.

What bothers me more is someone who think they got it all down and stops trying to learn anything or improve their skill.

Stick around here and you are sure to learn more than you ever thought possible about BBQ and smoking meat the low and slow way.

We have a huge variety of members here from newbies to professionals travelling the competition circuits and that is what makes this forum so unique and wonderful.

Have a wonderful day!!!
Jason, Welcome to the best forum on the net. I like everything that I cook to turn out perfect too and like tulsajeff said-"It's not a bad thing"!

When you get a chance, check out tulsajeff's Smoking eCourse. It will give you a lot of good info to get you going like a pro. And don't be afraid to ask your smoking questions, we all had questions when we started our pursuit of the Smoking Arts; for most of us we stumbled through on our own because we didn't have this fine fourm to guide us along. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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