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Original poster
Aug 19, 2006
Hello, I have been smoking with charcoal for the past 10 years or so, and the old Brinkman finally just rusted away. So I have purchased a Mustang electric smoker. So far so good. There is a 2 lb. meatloaf smoking away right now. The idea of a smoked meatload sounded strange, ( it was the wife's idea ), but we'll see how it turns out.
Welcome et1ssgmiller,

Glad to see you found us. The sound of smoked meatloaf sounded strange to me also, but it sure turned out to be good.

Check the forum out and be sure and check in on the electric smoker threads. There is some really good looking food being cooked on the electrics around here. :D
Welcome et1ssgmiller,

Glad to have you on the site, grab a cold one and jump right in. Looking forward to your insights as to the differences in smoke techniques.

Once you have smoked a meatloaf, you will never want to cook one any other way. Also, after it has been on the grate for a short time, you can take it off the cookie sheet. you may consider getting one of those vegetable grill pans. This allows the smoke to get to the meat from all directions, I have had great results with mine.

now that you read all of that, go grab another cold one, and have some fun.
Welcome, Welcome!

These folks know their smokin' stuff. I smoked a meatloaf the other day and plan to do another tomorrow.

Best Regards,

Hello et1ssgmiller, welcome to the forum, glad you joined us! The more the merrier! You have found a great spot for advice, recipes and tips on all of your smoking needs. Remember this, we LOVE pictures of smokes! Send some if you can...

Same as above ... I've been here only for a month or two and these folks have saved my butt (as in Boston) more than once!

Welcome - Look forward to your input.

What's your best grub?
PS- I'm trying a split chicken today ... First for me!

Woo hoo! Only have 2 in the house tonight so I can get away with one ...
Hello et1ssgmiller
Welcome to the best smoked meat forum on the planet.
You are gonna love it here, lots of fresh ideas on smokin and lots of recipes. Don't be afraid to ask questions or post recipes. The people here are terrific
Just take yur shoes off and jump right in :)
Welcome...found a great place to hang out at..lots of friendly people here to help ya Gary said...once ya try a smoked meatloaf...ya won't cook another one in the oven again...

Again.. Welcome

et1ssgmiller, welcome to SMF. Looking forward to your participation. Check out the different forums and try the recipes that pique your intrest.

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