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Jan 9, 2007
Just puchased a Smoke Hollow Gasser and love it w/ one exception. I can not get the temp below 250 deg. without turning down the valve on the propane bottle. Verified temp w/ 2 thermometers and was wondering what others were getting????
I have used my Smoke Hollow once and have the same problem. Temperature got to 300 F. I will try modulating the propane tank valve. Thanks for the tip backyardgriller.
Not sure if they have Gander Mountain stores in Canada but I picked up an electric version there.
I'm having the same problem plus the temp. gauge is even off 90-100 degrees. I hung a oven thermometer inside to see the difference. I called the company & was told they are regulated to have enough BTU's not to blow out. I'm thinking BS. Something I did for the first time yesterday was set the woodbox on the bottom of the smoker over the burner. It did help keep temp. low but it was real cold & windy. I'll try this again to see if that might be the cure because I need the lower temps.
Fellow Smokers,

The water pan mitigates temperature and does not add moisture to the smoking product. If your smoker is equipped with a water pan then by all means keep it full. Only refill mid smoke with hot water and that will assure you of temps below 250F if your vents are all wide open and your control is appropriately set.

Also, never depend on the provided gauge on the machine till you have verified its accuracy. Other factors like ambient air temp, wind velocity and shade/direct sun will also affect temp.

For a while the GOSM propane units had problems with the regulators (unable to achieve temps below 250*) and the company was aware of the problem and would send out replacement regulators. If Smoke Hollow can't or won't replace the regulator, buy an aftermarket replacement unit and give their Customer (no)Service low marks.

Monty is right about the use of the water pan and about checking the accuracy of the door thermometer. Wise words to heed.
I tried to fine a good picture of a GOSM that alot of you talk about. It looks real close to the Smokey Hollow I just purchased except the door latch & a vent on the very top. I have 1 3 1/2" vent on the back near the top. I'm not sure but I thought it looked like vents on the bottom sides of the GOSM.
I have the larger "Big Block" GOSM and it has a vent on each side low and one top dead center. All are adjustable. Generally I keep them all wide open and adjust my flame for temp.

Other than a retrofit of an aftermarket propane adjustment valve I cannot offer any other advice for mitigating temps other than possibly adding another vent low on the back or on a side.

I just got off the phone with a rep. from Smoke Hollow. I got thier web site from this forum. It is not in thier manual. www.olp-inc. They are sending me a valve reducer & new thermometer. He even said if that didn't work he would send me a new smaller burner. The thermometer doesn't extend far enough into the smoker to get true readings. Things are looking up.
Boomer and Buzzy,
Welcome to the forum. I guess it didn't take you long to find out that there are real answers from people that know here.

You can buy thermometers with longer probes for under $10 at places like academy sports, but better yet, a good digital with a wire and probe will give you the actual temp @ the grate, whichever grate you want to moniter, and they're not real expensive either.

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