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mississippi slim

Original poster
Aug 22, 2007
Spring Valley, Ca.
Just checking in as a newcomer to the forum. I've been smoking using an offset smoker for several years. I'm also a member of the International Chili Society and my chili is one of the best! I live in San Diego (since 1969), but was born and raised in Mississippi, hence my cajun/redneck roots. I do most of the cooking around the house now, which makes my wife very happy. But I can't get her to try my grits or blackeyed peas.
Mississippi Slim (Jim Caldwell)
Hey, welcome aboard Jim, glad you found us! Sounds like you're far from a newbie in the smoking arena... looking forward to your posts.

Wow, the little lady doesn't like grits or blackeyed peas? That's a shame... I'll take her portion!
Hello Slim
Always glad to meet another redneck that likes smoked meat and chilli. Beans or no, its gotta be hot! That otta start somethin.
I like my chili with beans, but competitions require no beans or filler (as they call it). I've only been in two cookoffs, so far, but more are on the way. I'm improved my recipe each time with advise from the oldtimers (I call them that, but I'm 61 myself)
Mississippi Slim
Welcome to the SMF. San Diego has really grown for the best. I'm very much into the Cajun/Creole cooking, I like the layers of flavoring they use. To bad about the grits and blackeyed peas, but then... you can't win 'em all.
Slim, did you ever live in the Tulsa area? There was a preacher here by your same name. I think he moved over to Arkansas though.
Welcome Slim! Nice to see another SoCal resident around here. I personally live in the Oxnard/Ventura area right now but I'm planning on moving back down to San Diego when my time is up up here.

I'm gonna try to make it to that smokin on the beach or whatever it's called on the 1st I believe is when it is. It's down in Imperial Beach.
Welcome Jim -

I like beans in my chili too. Sounds like you've got a bit of experiance smoking meat. How aout posting that recipe and we'll see how good it is!
No, not in Oklahoma. Born and raised in the great and sovereign state of Mississippi <G>. But I've found out while doing family research that the Caldwell name is a lot more widespread than I knew.
Mississippi Slim
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