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Welcome to SMF royknives! In looking at your Weber lineup, I take it that you've been smoking meats for a while? Nice to have you with us.

Welcome roy glad your here you couldnt find any better place to be. Dont be bashful jump on in and enjoy.
Welcome Roy -

We're only about 40 minutes apart! I went to ECSU. You are near what I hear is the best Wally World in the state! My sister and brother in law go up there all the time. It's supposed to be huge! Do you know where it is? I don't but I hear about it all the time. I just tried the Lisbon super store for meat Saturday and the prices were great. Guess it has to be a super store for meat.

These folks are the best! You'll love it here!

I live 3 miles from that's right on rt. 6 arcross from the Airport, and the North Windham Shopping Plaza, Where Bagel One is...Yes, it's big..but BUSY... thanks everyone for the kind welcome... :D
There's an airport there? I only know where ECSU is The Guitar Shop and the "Frog Bridge." hmmmm Main Street? There's a Brew Shop somewhere up there but I haven't tried to find it yet.

Check out that Super Wal Mart my sister says it's really cheap and she'll drive an hour to save a dime (I guess gas doesn't count)! They go all the time. I'll spend an extra dollar to avoid crowds! LOL
Welcome to SMF.
I haven't been able to get on in a few days because of the lack of power from the ice storm. The generator is doing it's best to keep us going, but I have to sacrifice an appliance or 2 to use the computer.
So if I'm late saying howdy to the new folks, sorry. Maybe they'll have my electricity up and running in a couple of weeks.
Checked out the Big Super WalMart by your house. The store is huge but Lisbon has a bigger meat section. Did have good prices but no briskets except corned beefs.

Did get some nice looking 97/3 round chuck in 5 l packages for $2.68/lb for peperoni and lean ground pork for $1.68/lb. Other wise the big meat for smoking was limited. Did get in and out in less than 30 minutes though.

I usually grind my own but this stuff looked better than mine so what the heck!

Great...I am glad you found it with no problems...I was there yesterday..and was told they wouldn't have brisket till March or April, they consider it a seasonal item their, it kinda sounded like he was feeding me a line...but I will just check again the next time I go I have to go to lisbon and check out their meat dept.... :D is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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