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What do you think about the new layout?

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Smoke Whisperer
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Jun 28, 2005
Tulsa, OK
Just wondering about the general consensus of the new layout..
I think I need to change my vote Jeff. I didn't realize when I come on and saw your poll that I wasn't just in the User CP. I don't like this new thing at all. Is this the way it's gonna be?
Doesn't have to be... I'm not even sure I like it to be honest. I am actually just playing around with it right now but I will use the general consensus to determine if we keep it or not.

By the way.. I placed a link at top left under "Other Links" to the original SMF Layout to get there quickly.

I think it looks too "busy" but that may just be me. I tend to like the cleaner more simple look.

I have just had lots of emails from people who really liked the layout on the other forum.

Will keep tweaking.. thanks for the honesty.
Too busy is a perfect description! It is a big bunch of stuff coming at me all at once and most of it at that moment I don't need. Thanks for changing my vote!
I like it, was a nice surprise when I logged a bit of the feel of the old site....I like seeing right off on the side who all is logged on and all.....however I don't like just seeing "recent" forum activity....I like the feel of the old one, after all we can click on "new posts" to get the new stuff....
Seems cluttered...Tell me how I can see the Index page...have looked for it for some time:???:

I read comments from others that they liked the clean look of the original...tend to agree

Just my 2cts
I like some of the parts of the new one (easy to see who's on, new posts pop up right away), but like Illini I couldn't find the index to get to other forums.
I agree also, had a hard time finding the index page. BTW, if you go to the left hand top side of the page under other links choose origanal smf layout, it will display the index
Personally I like this new setup. The one we just had was rather confusing. Was reading a post twice, wasn't sure if I had read it before. The index is easy to find, wala, there are all the old posts. I really enjoy this new format. Just my 2 cents.
i voted wrong. i put i love it, because i thought you meant the new forum vs. the old one. i like the index on the new one.
well just to let u know i think it`s ok !! a little bit of new with a little bit of the old ,,,kinda weird ?? hard to get use to ....old was easy to find threads ....guese i gotta get use to it ???? just my 2cents take care
We all know that change doesn't come easy. There are parts of the old one I like - such as being able to see who's online without having to go to a different page, seeing the recent posts scroll through, and of course the chat (which I understand will be along later).

When I decide to go through the old posts.. then really it isn't that much different.. you still have to search for them.

All in all change is good - just gotta get used to it. Hopefully we can get a "hybrid" of the two.

When you're teaching an old dog new tricks, you can't have him scratching fleas - How about making the link to the "Old Layout" easier to get to (add it to the link bar), track how often it is used, then disolve the link when it isn't needed so much.

Keep Smokin
I love the layout, but I'm having trouble finding the index as well. I know you can click on the old layout... is that the only way to access the index?
Where's the index for the index???? I still ain't found it.... just wish I could find my road map to where I was going
Original SMF Layout

At the top of the page find the SMF - Smoking Meat Forums > click on the link then at the upper left click on Original SMF Layout then you are there.

Or use the Forum Jump feature at the bottom of the page to jump to the forum topic you want.

You may need to change your settings to show all threads under Quick Links > Edit Options > Scroll down to Thread Display Options > Default Thread Age Cutoff > change to "Show All Threads"

Keep Smokin

Were I to be given my "druthers" I would druther see the original format.
Folks, nothing is set in stone. I wanted to get some opinions on the new layout which is more like the old phpBB forum however, I happen to personally like the default Vbulletin layout. Just seems cleaner and easier to me.

My wife says my style is boring sometimes so I do not want to make the decision without getting some feedback from everyone.

I will leave this as is for a day or two and get a general feel for what is liked and not liked.

If you need the original index of all forums just go here. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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