New Lang Smoker

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Meat Mopper
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Jun 20, 2006
Marietta, GA
Ben Lang has a new cooker in production. It is the 108 Twin, with deluxe warmers, and a HUGE chargriller on the front of the trailer. The units can be operated individually, or in tandem, and as a bunus the whole rig is set up as a fifth wheel. If I win the lottery, this will be my next smoker! :)
That and a new pick'em up truck to haul it with!! :D
I've always wanted a Ford diesel 5th wheel, but I really don't know what for...;) Now I know!
Tommy, When Noah wins that lottery, maybe he'll have enough cash left over from buying that smoker and pick 'em up truck that he can build a new gargage for the truck or a BIGGER toy box for his toys. :D
You guys just figured me out! BTW, the price on that beast is $15,000, which probably isn't a drop in the bucket for Dutch! ;)
Noah, Go ahead and drop the 15k, I already have the ford diesel, and can give ya a lift

Don't bother cleanin' the garage....I'll make room here :lol:
I bet you would! ;) However, how would I explain to my wife that I was going to the Great White North to cook every weekend? Also, I wonder how your wife would handle a drunk furry redneck shacking up on a regular basis...
It would be now- we just dropped that much into some Cd's (certificates of deposit). Won't be seeing that cash for 7-18 months but the intrest will be dropping by to stay. 8)
Wow Dutch, in less than a year, you'll have a new smoker plus interest! :)

Edit: Damn I'm tired... I guess in a year or so, you'll have a new smoker plus interest...
I could, but I don't need one quite that big. 8) Besides, it would be hard to hitch a gooseneck trailer to my van. (Wife says no more vehicals for me until 2008!! :cry: ) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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