New Klose 20x30

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Original poster
Jan 19, 2007
Howdy all for my birthday my fiance got me a brand new klose backyard smoker 20x30. I have been BBQing all my life and am decent at it, but when it comes to smoking i have little experiance. I am fine on wreckng some meals and learning as i go with trial and error but i dont want to season a $1500 dollar smoker wrong.

What Im looking for is some help on the seasoning I understand to wipe it down with oil but I need some more info on temp and how to maintain the right temp?

If some of you can help guide me through the complete proccess i would be forever gratful !

Hope all are well
Angelo, Check out the reply to your question in General Discussion.
A keeper, no kidding. 10 years ago I told my wife I wanted to replace the ole ECB with something bigger and better. She said' "you have a welder, build one." 10 years later, I'm still building. Well, more like perfecting. Sure has been rewarding at supper time though.
Welcome to SMF.
Welcome roots75 your a very lucky man to have a lady like her. Check out Tulsa Jeffs 5 day e-course to help get ya started, its loaded with a lot of great info. You now the old saying ya gotta crawl before you walk. were here to help you walk.

Gotta show me a pic of that Klose.
Welcome aboard, Pretty nice birthday gift.

Sometime I wonder when we are given gifts like that is it because they want to give us a gift or because they like it when we cook

Either way I suppose it is not back because we still end up with a smoker
Hey roots75,
I have that exact smoker 8) What I did, and what they'll tell ya at Klose is to rub it down with bacon grease and fire it with apple wood @400 degrees for about an hour, and then 250 for about 2 hrs. I just love my unit and I'm sure you will too! Let me know how it goes :D

Hello Angelo -
Welcome to SMF! That'sa fine smoker you got. I'm sure you get some good smoke off of that unit! We're all here to help if you've got any questions .. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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