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Jun 7, 2006
Valley Forge, PA
Well my cooker arrived 1 1/2 weeks ago, put her together Sat morning. To me it looks like the pictures of the GOSM and the Smoke Hollow. The box is 48" tall though. Other differences I believe are a smoke stack, a side door for convenience of changing the wood, I won't have to open the big door and lose all the heat and smoke. I also have vents on the bottom at both sides, so that will be some experimenting as my other one didn't have that. Gonna season her up this Saturday and maybe get some grub in her on Sunday.

Oh the racks that came with it...on the top I have 8 sausage hooks, a jerky rack two regular rack and a beer can chicken rack!!! I didn't know they made them! There are 4 indentations to hold the beer can up under the chicken!! Loved that idea. The wood box is very heavy, may 10 pounds. In reading some of the other mods with the coffee can, this may be an option...
I would try it with smoke box that came with it first. Fire it up a half hour or so before you intend to cook and throw the heat to it. It should have everything heated up good and be making good smoke for you most likely. How about some pics, especially good ones of the inside and the rack set-up?
Congrat's on your new cooker!! I was looking at king kookers on line the other day and really like the way they look and were made. I love the idea of the side door for adding more wood, alot less heat loss I would think and also the smoke stack and accessories that the GOSM doesn't have.Let us know how you like it once you get it cranked up.

I'm with ultamag on trying the smoke box that came with it first, we were going to do the coffee can mod as well but took some advice and now use the smoke box with out the lid on and it works like a charm.

Just a question, does anyone know what who "CSA Design Certified" stands for when looking at smokers??
Congrats Shellbellc!
Did you try it out yet? Huh? Huh? Did you try it yet?

How is it?

Didn't get it fired up yet.
I guess I've found out that I'm a fair weather smoker. It's still sitting in my living room corner! They were calling for bad weather and I didn't want it outside getting all dirty, rainy, snowy and icy before I got to use it!!!
Actually, the back porch is basically a sheet of ice, we got snow and then sleet and freezing rain on top of it, so haven't ventured out there yet...I will get some pics though so you can see the thing.
Hey Shellbellc -

We had that problem with ice last week too - it only took 40 lbs of ice melt but I found my smoker!

Not to worry we're going to have a heat wave next week!! Supposed to hit 40! You can smoke then.
HI Shellbellc
our weather here in MO has changed for the best 45 to 60 here was out today useing my old wood smoker smoked some ribs this year going to buy a new one most likely a gas one hope you get to use your new toy very soon
joetaz : )
Boy, this group has it bad. If Cheech still has the BSKD in his living room there are 3 of us with smokers in the house at the moment, and that's just the ones that will admit it.
My son has been hanging his coat over the corner and when you come around out of the kitchen you think someone is standing there!! I've jumped a couple of times!

Got me thinking there, I could configure the stack out through the wall with a modified wood stove pipe. Serve dual purpose, heating the house and smoking the food! I guess you'd really want to make sure the wood burned all the way down before opening any doors!!! Guess you'd have to take the smoke detector down too!!
The CSA is the Canadian Standards Association. They have the responsibility of certifying gas appliances to listed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. They are a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

Thanks Dutch, you know I allways wondered whether it was some made up xyz kinda thing or if it actually held some significance.
Hi Shellbellc,
You have any updates to tell us about regarding how the King Kooker performs? I did quite a bit of searching to find a forum with someone offering opinions about the King Kooker. So I joined this forum just for the purpose of hearing what you have to say about it's performance.
And then... nothing is heard from you!
So how is the King Kooker? Any idea if it is a better performer than the GOSM products?
I'm about to pull the trigger and buy one, but I'd like to know that I wouldn't be throwing away my money. Is the cooker adequately sealed? How thick is the metal surrounding it? How is temp control? How good is the wood smoker apparatus? Please give us updates on how it performs.

I'd like to be able to give you a full report but I've only used the darn thing once twice. I have been smoking so little and only on the weekends and the weather hasn't really been cooperating so I've been using the electric one on the front porch which is under cover. I pasted a link below to some of my pics. The heat was very easy to maintain, even in the cold. Some observations would be that while there is a lot of cooking room, I think that I might have trouble getting a long rack of ribs in there. Haven't tried it yet, but that's the way it looks. I thinks it's 16 guage metal which someone told me is like the thickness of a 55 gallon drum. I don't know what a gosm thickness is. I LOVE the fact that I have a seperate little side door to change my chips and water. I won't lose all of my smoke (and heat) by opening the big front door. Leakage...I noticed that I did lose some smoke around the door seal. In looking at pics of gosm I couldn't tell if there was some type of "weather stripping" around the doors, but this is what I'm going to look for to help seal the door a little better. I believe this weekend I'm doing a big smoke so wait until next week and I'll give an updated report on it. I'd hate to suggest or not suggest after only trying out some jerky and chicken thighs...I need to add some big meat to see how she performs...
The first two smokes looked very sucessful. I do like the verticals becuase they use so litlle fuel, but the ECB is so small large briskets and ribs have to be curled up till they shrink a bit. Still lookig at that king Kooker ....
Many thanks for the updated info. Not good that a rack of ribs may not fit properly though. How well did the built-in therm measure your temps?
So it is taller than the $98 GOSM and I guess the depth and width is about the same. The 16 gauge steel and the little extra height must be the reason that it weighs so much more than the GOSM. I'll be looking forward to hear your report during and after your big smoke.
You would think the folks that build these things would know we're going to smoke lots of ribs and briskets and make them a tad bigger.
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