New in Wisconsin maiden voyage this weekend

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Original poster
May 22, 2006
Southern Wisconsin
Finished my concrete patio off of the back of the house. That was the last step before buying a smoker. Well wouldn't you know my wife bought me a smoker for fathers day (just happened to be before mothers day) so she raised the bar on her mothers day gift. I got one of those Great Outdoors smokey Mountain gas units. We are doing pork ribs this weekend.
Welcome to SMF Bigboofire, They have a way of raising the bar don't they. If they raise it any higher I'll need a step ladder to reach the bar stool.
Best of luck with your GOSM smoker, I really like mine.

I spent way too much for Mother's Day (don't regret it), now I've got to get her to lower the bar for Father's Day or I'll be broke. :lol:
Once again, Welcome to SMF Bigboofire. Thanks for your intro.
Well the virgin run was a smashing success. Those were the best g.d. ribs I have ever had. We had a little neighbor party and everyone there could not get enough. I did hold some back for myself to have as left overs for the next day. He, he. Next up will be a 12lb turkey, so i will attempt a brine and a turkey smoke this weekend.

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