New Here--Will Have Lots of Questions!

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Jul 2, 2007
Crossroads, Tx
Hello everybody. I just purchased my first smoker (Char-Griller Smokin Pro) last night. I have never smoked any meat before, so this will be a learning expierence. I do have one question though.....

1. If I install a baffle, do I still need to put a pan full of water in the cooking chamber area? Thanks.

hi andrew, welcome to SMF. i modeled my smoker after the chargriller design. i installed a baffle, and do not use a water pan. my temps are even side to side. the more meat i have in, the closer they are.
Wow, I'm suprised I never thought of this before...a smoker is like a refrigerator, they arent really that effecient unless you fill it up, the fuller it is, the better it works.
OK. Got that out of the way.

Welcome to SMF. There are no dumb questions, if you need to know, ask! The answer is here.
And as you progress with your smoking escapades, take pics and post them. We LIKE pics!
Smoke on!
Hi Andrew, welcome to SMF! Do yourself a big favor and sign up for Jeff's free 5 day ecourse... it will be a great help getting you started.

I also own a CharGriller... you'll learn to love it. Along with the baffle, install a chimney extension down to or near the grate level, using 3 1/2" diameter aluminum flex dryer vent. Tuck it into the front corner of the lid to keep it out of the way. See picture below...
Welcome, Im new to the SMF myself. What I found is there are alot of really smart people with really big brains who really like to help us new borns. Enjoy your stay!
Welcome! I too use the Chargriller. You will enjoy. Also, get some furnace cement and use it between the smoker box and the side fire box to seal it. I also used it when I put the chimney on to seal that up. Get two themometers (I got mine at Lowes) and install one on the front left, and one on the front right just above grate level and about 4 inches in from the edge.
Welcome to the SMF. You've on the right site for answers to your smokin' questions. I hope you enjoy the learning curves.
Welcome to SMF and i am sure that you will get answers to all of your questions and if you spend some time reading what is already here you will feel like your almost a pro. So keep on asking questions and happy smoking

Welcome Andrew -

You've got a nice smoker there and there are many people here that have them. There are a few modifications necessary to make it work right and there are serveral dicussions going on right now! Enjoy!
Welcome to the forums! I just ordered a cg smokin pro yesterday and am just waiting for delivery. Be sure to post pics of all your goodies for us to drool over. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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