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smoking a fatty

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May 20, 2024
Hello I'm the new guy and so far I like this site because the people I have met seem to be really good people. To me the people is what either makes or breaks a forum this forum I think is a success OK here comes the butt. Man what is up with all the trash garbage on the screen I have never seen this much advertisement and just movies shows junk on a form in my life I am finding it very hard just to navigate the site I understand that the owners need to make money, advertising makes money , I want to stay I like the people but having to duck and Dodge advertise and click exes and crap like that I'm not a complainer not a hater I'm not a troublemaker I just thought I would bring this to the attention of the owners and I will not bring this up again thank you for listening to my mini rant
My name is Frodo on multiple forums here it is smoking a fatty
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You can upgrade to premium for a couple bucks a month or 50 for lifetime. Removes all ads
That is true. And the rate is not high at all
I kinda want to get to know my way around before making a financial commitment

But I guess I will have pay first

Ok guys. Be back on pay day,
Wallet is cob weeby at the moment
But have you seen the Peach Dump Pie?
Man you're got to try it😆

But it really is a cheap investment to have the wealth of knowledge available at your fingertips!

And I had almost forgotten about that! You might have to explain it to the OP, so he knows what you're talking about lol.

Actually, the price of a Premier membership isn't bad, the costs of all the enabling sure adds up!

I’m an outlaw 🤠🥃
i am an outlaw leather worker IMG_0053.jpeg
Trouble is all I know lol
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