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Jan 25, 2007
Asheville, NC
Howdy all, I take every chance I get to smoke somthing each weekend..from chicken to pork, ( the butts are the best, oh yea ) and I use a barrel with a side chamber for fire. Before I used a Weber...loved it but not enough room.
New info would be great and I'll help anyway I can.

BMW'S motorcycles, Smoked meats and Beer !! :D
welcome to SMF, kosmo. i have a homemade horizontal offset i made from a 55-gallon drum, with a side firebox. i also ride a motorcycle, a kawasaki concours. there is lots of info here, just ask. when i joined, i read almost every post in the sections i was interested in.
Welcome Kosmo! Enjoy your visits and We look forward to your posts and pics :D ! These are the most awesome people and hope you return on a reg. basis :) . Daun
Welcome Kosmo glad you found use, tell us a little more about your smoker. Check out Tulsa Jeffs 5 day e-course its loaded with great info to help get ya up and going. Look forward to your posts and we love to see pics.
Welcome to SMF, Kosmo. Always room for one more here. Grab a cold one and look through the numerous threads that interests you. Beware the food porn (cover your keyboard).

Kosmo, glad you're here. SMF is a great place to hang. Check it out, smoke something, then report back to let us know how it went.

Keep Smokin
Welcome Kosmo -

Looks like you have a bit of experiance. Maybe you have some pointers or recipes to share? Come in and ook around there's lots of great stuff here!

Thanks to all for the warm welcome !!!

Nothing like fire'n up the smoker for family and friends. Today Superbowl Sunday, I had dragged the smoker to my brothers house last thursday, ( in a trailer behind the John Deere, ain't that redneck ) and we've got about 30 lbs. of pure pork enjoyment, (plus 2 whole hens that have been brined on the gas grill) smoke'n up the neighborhood. Tv's in 4 rooms in the house and one on the patio for the cooking crew, cold brews, lots of food and some of the finest friends around !!!!!!

I'm looking for a thermastat for my smoke and haven't been able to locate anything, abody got an idea ??????


Life is too short not to live it, and when your thrown a curve, gear down high rpm's, shift in the saddle toward the inside and you'll shoot through it !!!! 8)
Welcome Kosmo. Two wheels with large motors and smoked meat is always a winner. Sounds like your are loaded for the game. ENJOY and be safe :!: :D
Yep Gunslinger, I used to ride the HD'S and have two brothers that are Roadkinger's. I think a man needs 2 or 3 bikes, one should be a v-twin ground pounder, with ape hangers and a monster fatty for a rear end, the second should be a distance bike with lots of comfort, and the 3'rd should be dual sport, oh yea!

Be safe on the road, and remember, thier is no bad riding days juts bad riding gear !!!
Howdy all, just to let you guys know I'm working on my skills and dealing with the "addiction / compulsive physiological need for a habit forming...... "

I tried using a brine solution on 2, 5lb. hens a couple of weekends ago. It was a cold sunday, highs only in the low 30's and high winds still a little ice on the road so the motorcycle was out of the question. Now my attention turned to the smoker since I had the hens soaking, (12hrs. ) in the brine anyway. Being the thoughtful husband and on a food budget, I have started to serch for deals in the local paper for items to smoke and drink, (1'st step in the addiction) which my wife has brought to my attention. I'm quick to remind her of my research and cupon deals that we can eat...still she knows where this is going and she thinks I'm crazy. Bundled up as much as possible I start on the task of dragging the smoker around the carport to maximize the draft opportunities from the windy conditions. I use a cage made from expanded metal formed in a square and about 7 inches high placed in the combustion chamber for a fire starter, works great. With the fire going, the hens rinsed off and rubed down I place 'em on the grill and grab a cold one. I don't have any thermostats so I figure the temp by placing my hand over the smoke stack, if I can hold for 7-10 seconds it's mid-range and works for what I'm doing. The hens turned out great after 5hrs. and my wife is becoming a true fan of the smoker...she still thinks I've lost my mind !!!!!

Welcome...we can help you with your addiction problems....

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