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Sep 14, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio
Okay, so after buying a new smoker (Great Outdoors Gas Smoker, model 3405BGW) and snooping around this site for a couple of days, I tried my first smoke, LOVED it, and decided I may as well register with the site.

My first smoke (and I now know to take pictures) was two fryer chickens, prepared with a simple EVOO and fresh thyme rub, and was awesome. After 5 hours of hickory smoking, my neighbor who was painting his house was the first to come strolling into my back yard to see just what the smell that was driving him nuts was all about. The chicken just poured off the bone.

I have made:

*pulled smoked chicken with mustard sauce (also found on the site)
*smoked chicken salad
*about a gallon of homemade chicken stock
*a new friend from next door

My only question so far to the group is this...I have high blood pressure, so I REALLY have to watch my salt intake. I can eat Tony C's rub like it is going out of style, but doctor says I shouldn't. Brining is also out of the question, but since my chicken was the juiciest bird I've ever had, I don't consider it a terrible loss just yet. But, I need salt free rub ideas! I subscribe to Chile Pepper Magazine, and have modified a few of their rubs, but does anyone have an awesome salt free rub idea? I like it hot, mild, whatever, just as long as it is flavorful! Thanks!

New Neighbor-Meeting Smoker in Cincinnati
Hey fuzzy, welcome to SMF. I gotta watch my salt intake too and the recipe that ultramag mentioned is a keeper at my house. I made up some rubs using the sodium free recipe and tulsajeff's rub and the kids enjoyed them both.

Take the time to signup for tulsajeff's 5-day eCourse, there is a lot of great info to be had there. See ya in the forums-

xutfuzzy, welcome to the site. As you can see, ask a question and you shall receive! If it's one of Dutch's recipes, you CAN'T go wrong. Let us all know how it goes. Enjoy!!
welcome and glad you finally made it here!!!!

that is a good question by the way, i have been watching my salt intake as well, im not required to but i dont want to be either. i just figured you had to have salt so the meat wouldnt go rancid during the inital faze of thinking you would have to have it for jerkey since its at a much lower temp yet. but i dont know for sure

any way.....thanks for the great question!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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