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Original poster
Oct 22, 2006
Purcell, Oklahoma
Morning all,.,
Just thought I'd Stop in say hi from Purcell, OK

Lookin for some locals to meet up with so I can check out differant smokers, as I'm looking for a differant one,., Im in the market for one with rotateing shelfs. Im currently use an old modified propane tank (500gallon) on a trailer....
Welcome to SMF, dberry-glad that you have joined us.

Most rigs that I have seen with rotating shelfs have been custom units-they have either been home fabricated units or made by a Pit building company and they modified the pit for rotating shelfs.

Check out the link for a list of Pit Builders.

Pit Builders List
Welcome grab a cold one and jump right into the fray. these are a great bunch of folks, and remember the only dumb question is the one you don't ask, and "Do you have any SPARE change?"
Thanks all

That pit list is great,thanks much. I know that took a little time to put together....and will take some time to go thru. Well I'm off to prep the smoker, one of the church's has me smokein corn today for @ 60 people, so I've got some silk to clean lol ya'll have a goodone ya hear

may ur smoke always rise
Ok I'll get u one, hopefully. lol
Tryed to put one up this morning but it didnt want to work,., Since we wont be pouring any crete tomarrow I'll try it again when I get home
Ok Gunslinger I hope this works,.,(pic)
I like it. Does that have a deflector and tuning plates? How consistent is the temp from end to end?

I have another project in mind after I've completed my little smoker. Which by the way, I didn't think was little until I saw yours. I will share details of my next one when I get it all in my head.
no deflector,or tuning just straight pipe. not sure about temp from one end to the other but i will let u know,., i dont think there's to much differance, I know it holds at 200-225 where the therm is in the center. I'll be useing it again on the weekend of the 18th smoking turkeys so I'll have multiple gauges in it for temp
I could hold that temp too, but the closer to firebox I got the hotter the temp was and vise versa for the other end. Now I have even temps end to end with a 2 to 3 degree difference from top to bottom.
I am getting very close with finishing mine for good. I have to paint it yet and of making a hickory shelf for it.
cool, I'd thought about putting a plate on the end of the fire box to see if I can get some of the heat off the front edge of the self is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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