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Original poster
Feb 24, 2006
Strongsville, Ohio
Hi, I sound this site in a search on smoking and barbequeing, and I do say, I am impressed! I don't do a lot of smoking myself (though I have a friend who does, and gives us smoked hams every year), but I work for a company that makes smokers and meat processing equipment such as grinders and sausage stuffers, and felt this would be a good place to get tips that our customers might like. Hope to talk with everyone sometime!

Eric Wessel
IT manager
Howdy Eric. Welcome to the smoking meat forums. You'll find lots of great tips and tricks in the posts here and maybe even able to lend some graet advice on equipment. Glad to have you aboard.
Nice to have you here Eric. Having access to this site and being able to refer your company's customer's here should give you an A+ in the Customer Service catagory and you get a BIG THUMB'S UP from me!

It sounds like we need to encourage you to do a lot more smoking. What kind of smokers does the company you work for make and can you post a link to their website (if they have one)? Or mayby post some pix's of the smokers?
Our website is listed in the 'Links' section here under 'Buisness', and also listed below. We primarily make gas smokers, though we are supposedly trying to develop an electric smoker that does a decent job. Most of the smokers we sell are sold through Cabela's as their house brand, I beleive, though we used to sell refurbished units on our site (mostly shipping damaged units that we were able to complete fix and test.) We also sell grinders and stuffers, so the smoked sausage forum here will be a godsend :) Good to talk to everyone!

Eric Wessel
IT Manager
Pragotrade, Inc - Home of Weston Supply -
So Eric, let me get this straight ..... You work at the TOY factory? How cool is that! I couldn't find any smokers listed on your website, you have any specs on them? I get folks asking about gas smokers but don't know anything about them. I own 2 GOSM gas smokers and have owned two others in the past. Sure would be interested in details for future reference.

Oh and, welcome! :D
Thanks for the info Eric!! When I get ready to move up from my KitchenAid Mixer with the Grinder attachement and stuffing horns (all right for small runs), I know where I'm going to get the grinder from!! Does Weston Supply also sell the large pulley wheel to convert a hand cranked grinder to electric?
Yep, we sell the pully wheels, we have them for #22 grinders. We also have a drill reducer to power your manual grinder with a cordless drill. Our stuffers run from the small 5 lb horns to a 30 lb vertical stuffer, as well as a motor attachment for it.
:lol: Well, I don't work directly for them, but they are our biggest customer. I just checked, with someone here, our smoker is only sold through Cabela's at this time, it's the item 6IS-516745 on Cabela's website, in both 36" and 48" models. They seem to be pretty good smokers, I know they put out some decent smoke when they were testing them here :lol
Hi Eric,

Welcome to our little corner of the net. It's aways nice to welcome a fellow Ohioan into our fold. I'm not too far from you (Akron area) so I'll definitely be checking out your sausage making accessories and vacuum sealer bags!

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