new guy from NW chicagoland

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 7, 2007
NW burbs of Chicago
Hello all, another newbie smoker here. As the sign says to tell you alittle about my self. I have lived in the chicagoland area my whole life (GO BEARS!!!). I am a security alarm technician. I like all types of music (except opera), but I mostly listen to punk rock. I like computers and learning new things about them.

I found this site reseaching smokers on google. Since then I have been lurking for awhile now and been reading alot of informative threads. I have wanted a smoker, but never bought one when I was renting. Since I bought a place, I bought a Char-griller with the side fire box. I made my decision after I read a long thread about the Char-griller and people seemed to like it alot after some modifications. The price wasn't bad either ($150 @ Menards Home Store).

I probably wouldn't have gotten one except my brother-in-law (lexington, ky) has a New Braunfels smoker and when ever I go down to visit, he will smoke meat (brisket, ribs, chicken, turkey, or whatever) with mesquite wood his buddy brings up from Texas. I have yet to have a bad meal that comes off his smoker. That is some good eating!

I can't wait to read and learn more and get this thing smoking

Talk to you all later

Oh yeah and I like beer too
Welcome to the SMF beerivore. Youv'e come to the right place to learn about all things about smoking!!! Like Shortone said the free e-course is a great place to start.

Great bunch of folks here so jump right in with any questions or comments. Glad you found us!!!
Welcome beerivore

Oh No - Da Bears!

Packer Fan here!

You'll enjoy this group we're willing to help anybody here (even Bears fans
) and share what we know. There are some real pros here to help you get started! Enjoy!
All lurkers are welcome ... glad you found us here at SMF ... we are aproachable and can't wait to see what you can bring to the table ( pun intended )

Photos are always appreciated ...
Welcome to SMF beerivore. Glad to have you with us. Don't forget to invite the brother in law to check us out too. Looking forward to seeing your posts and pics.

Keep Smokin
Welcome to the SMF Family beerivore. Hang with us and you'll be giving your BIL a run for his money!!


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm................................ Beerivore.
Yep, you'll fit right in.

Do the 5 day smoking course, learn all you can, don't be afraid to ask if you don't know something, don't be afraid to "think outside the box" and try new things (there is always the trash can), get that smoker going, keep "something cool to drink" close by, take and post pics of your smoking escapades. That's all there is to it.
Welcome. I am in the McHenry area. That is a good smoker to start off with it loves lump coal and those chunks of woods that Menards sells. They have a sale ending this weeks where you get those 5 or 10lb bags for $4 each. I have a Brinkmann smoker just like that and know I build my own custom double barrel smoker now. That smoker you have after you do the mods it will make your sweet spot a lot larger.
Yo Beer,

Welcome. Lot's of smokin sperience here! Like you, have a huge music library (not so fond of opera either).

Are you a cubs fan as well?
Thanks for the welcome everyone.

Bud - Yep I am a Cubs fan. It's been a rough 99 years. I have only been part of the last 33 years. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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