New guy from Northern CA

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Original poster
Dec 10, 2006
Portola Valley, CA
Just joined, have a Pitts and Spits 2436 with firebox. Have been smoking for about 4 years. HAve Brisket, and pork butt figured out but continue to destroy turkeys on this big smoker. I usually use all wood (oak or almond) Think I may need to go to charcoal for the birds. Or maybe my brickman or the big green egg. recommendations welcome, mjr
I'm new to this page as of yesterday and have found a lot of info. just stop to say hi. mctrick

Welcome..Glad to have ya here...just found the pics of your van in your album...looks like you are doing a great job on it fully operational yet?

It's not ready yet but the kitchen side of the truck will be done in about six weeks,if the weather holds out here in Omaha,Ne
the BGE would be a great choice for poultry in general. Poultry is not high in connective tissue or internal fat so a faster, high pit temp cook is a great technique.
mrayfield, found a Pitts & Spitts 2436 smoker on the 'net. Dang-that thing is some serious money!! You may want to experiment using lump charcoal (go with Royal Oak if you have it in your area) and use any of the smoking woods for flavor. Get an inexpensive roasting hen to try-if it doesn't turn out, you won't be out too much money than you would experimenting with a turkey. Check out the Poultry forums for some ideas.
Welcome to the SMF mrayfield. Nice unit! I did a turkey for thanksgiving on my char-griller with all cherrywood and it turned out great. Did you brine the bird? Brined my 15lb freerange overnight and cooked at 225* for about 5 to 5.5 hrs. Never had a turkey so tender and moist.

jminion is right when cooking birds go with a higher temp. Your cooker looks like it would be fun just to go and cook a bunch of slabs of ribs. Can not wait to find out more about your beastie.
Welcome mjr, good to have you with us. Pretty smoker you've got there. Enjoy experimenting with the birds. I'm with Dutch, go lump (Royal Oak), and a cheap hen... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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