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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by coolpick87, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. coolpick87

    coolpick87 Fire Starter

    Hey whats up everyone. I've been lurking for the last couple of weeks, and finally decided to introduce myself. I've been grilling for years, and just recently gotten into smoking. I went to the American Royal last year and loved it. Anyway I'm going to pick up a Brinkmann offset smoker sometime this week. Season it and give it a test. And try to figure it out before I take it out to tailgate on Oct 18th(I turn 21! and its homecoming).

    Anyways I'll let you guys know how it goes in a couple of weeks!

    Also, I'm pretty much set on the Brinkmann(Seems alot of people think its a good starter w/ mods). But should I look at a vertical smoker? I'm not going to use it that much, just mostly during football season, and maybe once every 2 weeks to a month.
  2. dingle

    dingle Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Sounds like your ready to get rolling. The lurking is always temporary. As for you not using your smoker very much, once every 2 weeks to a month........GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!
  3. davidmcg

    davidmcg Meat Mopper

    Well, well Coolpick nice to have you here. 21 and homecoming, what school might ya be attending? If ya want to get a vertical and start out on the cheap, go get ya a ECB at Wal-Mart. They run around $40 and after a few minor mods you can find here work pretty good. It doesn't have the capacity of an offset however.
  4. bmudd14474

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    Welcome to SMF. The verticals are nice and easy to move. But if you have already decided on the off set it will work good too. Looking fwd to some Q view from you. Welcome again.
  5. mgwerks

    mgwerks Smoking Fanatic

    Howdy and welcome to the forum! Glad to see a young'un startin' out right. What smoker depends on several factors: how much you want to smoke at one time, how much attention you are willing to pay to it, and how your funds are doing.

    Offsets are great, I have as small charcoal one and a medium sized charcoal/stick burner among other cookers. Offsets will most likely take more attention than a vertical, unless well-tuned and designed just right. Verticals are of lower capacity but require less attention. All these statements are generalities, but a good rule of thumb. Good luck, and make sure to post Q-view of your smokes!

  6. coolpick87

    coolpick87 Fire Starter

    Hey! Thanks for the welcome. I'm over at Pittsburg State, way in the stick of south east Kansas.

    I really dont care about having to watch it all the time. My roommate had one for awhile, and I kind thought that was half the fun way making sure it was at the right temp the whole time. Most I'll cook is about 4 ribs, couple pounds of chicken wings, maybe some brats, and some other small things.

    Oh and my price range is about $100-150. I have some scrap steel around here so I can rig up a baffle if I decide to get that off-set.
  7. davidmcg

    davidmcg Meat Mopper

    Very good Coolpick, nice to have a Gorilla in our midst. Our neighbors daughter is a Gorilla in her senior year. Go back over the mods and read up on the baffles/deflector. My own 2 cents on baffles is before you install it don't drill or cut any holes. Try it unadulterated first and see how that works for ya. You can always remove it and do some cutting and a drilling. But you can never go back and put that metal back into it. Might I also suggest smoking some turkey drumsticks and breasts. They don't take that much time and are really nice and tasty. The turkey drumsticks are a great tailgate item if you have a few hours in the parking lot.
  8. Hey David,

    Spent alittle time in southwest Kansas. I was a road Sergeant for the Liberal KS P.D. Went to the academy in Kansas. Worked there for 4 years before moving back to MI.
  9. waysideranch

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    Hey coolpick87, welcome to the SMF.
  10. gnubee

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    Welcome to the SMF coolpick87.
    Be sure to introduce yourself in the Roll Call Forum.
  11. hey there coolpick87 welcome to the SMF.
  12. cowgirl

    cowgirl Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Welcome to the forum Coolpick!
  13. richoso1

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    Glad to have another smoking buddy on the SMF. You are right about Brinkman. many members use or have started on those smokers and created some great Q. I still have mine.
  14. kookie

    kookie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome aboard..................

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