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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ten32, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Hello all,
    My wife got me a Smoke Hollow electric unit for Christmas and I immediately began searching for info on how to use it and found this place. What a wealth of information ! I thought I'd post my intro now as I just started my first smoke. I marinated some goose breasts in southwest type seasoning and a weak brine and Im now smoking it over some mesquite. I've made numerous batches of jerky in the dehydrator and venison bologna in the oven but this smoking stuff is foreign to me. In the very near future I will be smoking some salmon I caught this fall in NY. So long for now gotta go check the temp.
  2. cowgirl

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    Welcome to the forum Ten!
    Your goose breasts sound great, take pictures for us if you get a chance.[​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
  4. richtee

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    Welcome 10, to SMF. Dunno bout goose, never done one, but with poultry in general, lighter than mesquite seems to be the rule. Apple and maple are big with it.

    But maybe goose can stand up to mesquite? I don't care for it on anything, tho. Hickory's potent enuff for me.

    Enjoy and read...and post!
  5. Thanks everyone,
    Richtee, I chose mesquite in an effort to complement the SW seasoning, and because the goose has a pretty strong flavor. We'll see what happens, this is more of a trial run than anything.

    Also, anyone know where I can find a "smoke log" on the forum. I saw a link somewhere but cant find one using the search prompt.
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    Yeah I can't find it either- Tulsajeff wrote it maybe he can direct ya...sorry
  7. garyt

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    I would think mesquite is to strong for any bird, I always stick to fruit wood for that. I hope you seasoned the smoker first. Remember you can find the answer to almost anything here by searching or asking in a post

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    Welcome ten32!! This forum has a ton of good info....ask questions and there will be someone who can help you.
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    Welcome Ten32,

    I have done goose breasts in the past. I have two kinds of wood (sawdust), one is straight hickory, the other is a blend of several hardwoods. I usually use the blended one for my birds.

    I have even taken the boneless breasts, pumped them with a curing brine, and smoked them, brought them up to temp, and when cooled, shaved them like dried beef. Man is that good . [​IMG]

    My usual way to di breasts, is to make them into jerky. That is always a hit too.

    Just a few suggestions for the future. BTW, I did a salmon fillet a long time ago, but here is the link to the recipe I used.


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    welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


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    Welcome to SMF!
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    Welcome aboard the SMF.
  15. Thanks for the help everyone,
    After four hours the internal temp finally reached 160 deg. The cold, windy weather kept the temp inside the box hovering at 200 and change. The mesquite did fine and is not over powering. The finished product seems to be very similar to what Bombo80 was talking about. I think next time I'll use the brine full strength and maybe try some apple or cherry wood. Overall Im very pleased with the outcome, the kids and I like it, my wife however...not so much.

    Thanks again.
  16. kookie

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    Welcome to the site, 10. Lots of info. here.

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    Welcome to SMF!

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