New grill

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
Since I had to help youngest move to new apartment yesterday, I was not able to smoke anything.

I knew we had to eat and I have been wanting a small grill to keep in truck to cook at jobsite, so, I stopped by the local Lowes and found this little tabletop job.

Put a pack of Brats on and plumped them up good, and put a beer and a can of saurkraut in a disposable loaf pan and let them simmer in the juice until lunch time. They were delicious.

So I got to spend the day with my kid and still got to cook a little bit. 8)

Now, wifey says to get off the internet and mow the yard since I didn't get my chores done yesterday. :oops:
Nice little unit Rodger, I used to keep a little habachi grill in my truck and used to do tin foil dinners, burgers and brats for lunch-used to drive guys on the construction crew nuts when they had to eat sammiches for lunch and I was eating a hot meal. I offered to share my cooking most of the guys turned down my offerings. One day when I wasn't looking my grill got a Mafioso burial, someone dropped it in a hole and filled the hole in with concrete. :shock: :x

I tell my kid pretty much the same thing, "Get off the 'puter and mow the lawn!" When he asks "why" I don't mow the lawn, I tell him "It was you and Mom that picked out the mower-not me and since your Mom is allergic to fresh mown grass, that leaves you to do it!" :D I'll mow it now and again just for something to do.
It can get a little testy on the job sometimes. :D When I worked for a large commercial company that did a lot of gas work we had a pipe grill made on the welding truck that I drove. We would fire that sucker up early in the morning and everyone just came by and cooked their own lunch on the grill. I've seen everything from bologna to rib eyes thrown on that little grill. Lots of time they were all cooking at the same time. 8)

The grass thing is not one of my favorite chores. :evil: My youngest is now out on his own and so it has come full circle and I have to handle it myself again. :cry:
I have a little Weber Smokey Joe that I love. It is amazing what you can cook with a little imagination, although I have not tried a butt yet...
I learned a trick early on from an old timer on a paving job we were doing. He would freeze a packet lunch and then let the hot mix (asphalt at about 400F) cook his luinch for him! It got really interesting when he was cooking fresh caught trout or salmon. But the guy always had a great hot lunch and never over or under cooked his food! He even showed off on occasion and did some pretty fancy stuff!

Just wanted to share my jobsite experience!

New some guys who operated heavy equipment that kept their foil packets on the manifold. Never did it myself though.
Cajun, some years ago I worked on web printing presses. We used to foil wrap our whole corn, meats,ect. and put them inside the press ovens to cook
worked quite nice actually.
Back in the late sixties there was an outfit that would actually provide a manifold heated cook station for your meals tailored to your particular vehicle. Not all vehicles qualified. If I remember correctly, and time fuzzes all, it was written up in Mechanix Illustrated, or was it Popular Mechanics then? Not sure.
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