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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 25, 2007
Columbia, S.C.
Just got home with my new GOSM
. The wife is so understanding she even let me put it in the living room until I get it set up. She has already ordered ribs so this will be my first official smoke. Looks like tomorrow will be my maiden voyage.

Hold on.......okay back, yep got batteries. Hold on....okay back, she's still in a good mood. Will take pics when I get it together, or should I take'm as I work on it?
Well just had my bubble popped. Wife says we got batteries, but the camera is about ten miles from here in the camper. I'm going over now, and ECP it before she forgets where she put it. Yep, she's still smiling.
Got me a bag of hickoery chips to use when I season it tomorrow. Figured they would bun quicker then chunks, and I would not have to wait as long for them to burn up.
Okay. Will pick up some tomorrow. Got to go get that camera cause I want to start putting it together tonight. You know why put it off until tomorrow.....
Like I said earlier was going to start tonight, but wife put her foot down at the last minute. Said something about her having to work. Gee it's hard to be retired....... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.