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Jun 13, 2006
Micco, Fl
I just became the new owner of a GOSM. I'm dooing a dry run right now and the temp on low is running aroung 250 to 300 deg. any tips or tricks to keeping the temp down.
I also have a GOSM but I haven't had a problem with the templ. I guess my first question is in regards to the thermometer. Are you using the one in the door (comes with the unit) or do you have an accurate thermo in the unit?
I had no such problem when I first got my GOSM. Each one is a little different.

Could be the built in thermo. I would confirm with a digital, hang the probe through the top vent so that it is about on the same level as the built in one. Also, do you have water in the water pan?

Good luck and please keep us informed of any results or mods that you may do. We're interested!

I'm using a mavrick and with the burner on low the temp is running around 240 to 255. Water in the pan and one yard bird.

If you are sure about your do you have the vents set..on mine, I keep the two bottom vents closed to the stops and thetop one all the way open...and have no problem controling temps...after that ...the only other thing that could be wrong is the gas valve itself...not letting you control it down low enough..

Hope this helps ya...

Good Luck

Looks like the guys have it all covered. If you find that your built in thermo is way off then there are instructions for adjusting it in the original assembly manual. It will take a bit of trial and testing. Mine is now witin about 5 degrees of my digital thermos. Close enough! But I always keep a second thermo running.

Keep the water pan full and clean, dump it out getting rid of the grease and re-fill every two hours or so. I usually start out with warm water from the tap but if the temperature runs away, fill with cool water. Use a full pan, not a shallow fill.

I keep my two side vents at 50% and the top one all the way open. Mine is sheltered if that makes any difference. When it is windy, it definitely is an improvement.

I moved the wood box 1 inch lower by drilling new holes in the sides. Use large chunks of wood, not chips, they will last longer and give more even smoke.

Good luck,

Aubrey Page


OTBS #007
A couple of folks on the Yahoo GOSM group reported having high temperatures that they couldn't get down on some of the newer GOSM smokers. They reported the problem to the manufacturer and was sent replacement regulators which seemed to help the problem.

This doesn't mean your regulator is bad though. Be sure to check the temperatures with a known good thermometer. The door thermometers have been known to be inaccurate or located in a "dead zone" which gives a false reading.
Thanks everyone,

It seams that when you fill it with meat like I do, theres no problem at all keeping the temp where it needs to be. I guess my dry run with one yard bird was not enough to soak up the heat.

Smoked two briskets and three racks of ribs yesterday...smileing faces all around. Another fall off the bone tender and very tasty brisket. Oh yes the ribs were excelent. Used hockory and cherry wood...unique flavor.

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