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Jun 28, 2007
Howdy all. My name is paul. I just bought a great outdoors smoker the smaller one(propane don't have the time to babysit a lot) from the wally world the. had it for a week now smoked some fatties, 2 pork butts,2 beercan chickens and this weekend pork butt and pork ribs.This site is great learned a lot from here.
Welcome catfish,

I have the same rig myself and love it. Is it the big block, or the smaller version. If you have questions? this is the place for help and answers
Welcome aboard catfish. Got a GOSM myself and it treats me great. Sounds like your up and running with your smokes. Look forward to hearing about your future endeavors and remember - we just love to see the Q-views.
Welcome to SMF and hello from Canada, sounds like your off to a runnin start with your new smoker, lookin forward to a few pics maybe ??
Welcome aboard Paul, you found the greatest smokin' site on the net! Ask questions, share your smokin' tales, and post pictures of your creations... we like pictures!
Welcome aboard Paul to SMF from another Canadian.
I just bought the same GOSM as you last week from WallyWorld (the 36" one)I haven't got to use it much,been too busy.
Enjoy the info and everything here!
Welcome to SMF, Great smoker you got there, Lots of people here use them with great success..Let us know how yours works out..Most of all "Enjoy the smoke"
Welcome catfish from right next door here in Temple. I am very familiar with killeen, i taught high school there for 3 years. This is the best site around, everyone will help anyway they can.
Welcome Catfish! I have 2 GOSM smokers, one charcoal, and a new gasser. Both are great. (Also an ECB) Sounds like yours has seen a variety of meats in a short time. That's what it is all about! Post pics, we like 'em!
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