New Forum Idea, hunting/fishing

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Jun 7, 2006
Valley Forge, PA
Today on the forum two threads were started, one about smoked squirrel and one about smoked blue fish. Both were appropriately started in their fish and game forums, but I thought maybe a seperate forum for each hunting and fishing would be a good idea. Recipes could still go under their respective topics, but for other stories, specifically for the actual act of hunting and fishing stuff, maybe we could use two more blogs??!! Yea/nay??? Just thought I'd throw it out there...
I like it!
Killem and Grillem!!!
Rollem and Smokem??

Great idea, might find a way to eat what i kill insted of giveing it away to folks that know how to prepare it
Yea, baby girl! Goot idea! Even though I prefer dead cow, or dead pig, "they ain't too hard to clean", haha, I do , deer, grouse, huns, etc. Most of them, cold smoked. Whatever works for y'all, works for me.
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