New burner

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Dec 19, 2005
Beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan
Just picked up a new burner to replace the one in the Wookie that burned out.

Last one was a dual burner 700 and 1000 watts

This one is 1100 watts and has an adjustable knob for the output.

The whole thing was $8.99!!! I could not believe it
They have more????? I'll pay the shipping!!!!!!!
At present, mine is sitting at 118* on the top rack.
Gotta love the help your buddy attitude!My buddies at work gave me a cake for my Bday A ***** cake!!!!! Think they were tryin to tell me sumthin?
The boys did get pics of the cake.I didnt post because didnt think it would be cool if someones kid was watchin.It was a verry funny break.
Cheech... Did you receive my pm? Forum still a little screwed up on my end. Just checking.
cajun I did get it there were some issues and could not get back to you so I figured that I would mail you the burner and it would get to you faster than my pm :cry:
Cheech....Appreciate what your doing. Hoping the issues were not bad. Thanks.
Cajun have you tried out the new burner yet?

I just installed mine in the Wookie and it is running a bit low.

I really do not understand what happened because this one is 1100 Watts and the other was a dual with one side 1000W and the other side 700Watts
it worked just fine with the one side.

Not sure what the deal is. The down side is that I have 60 pounds of salami that need to be smoked tomorrow.

I may have to finish it in the oven gasp
Ufortunately I have to agree. But then again, this is my 1st electric smoker, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. Anyway, I have deceided to keep this smoker as a "cold smoker" for sausage and such.
Well thought I'd try things again. Today it is 65-69* outside. Using only the 800 watt burner' I have had my "fridge Smoker up to 255*. I am going to assume that the outside temps had something to do with my lower temps earlier this year when the outside temps were alot lower. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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