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  1. Greetings from Oregon. I started a new RF build a few weeks ago. This is my first RF and I've got a few questions that I hope some of you could help answer. I've learned a ton from this site already and hope to learn more.

    Here's the beginning: a 10 gal. tank for the smoke box and a 5 gal. tank for the fire box. I cut the connection openings and did a burn.

    I then attached the tanks and mounted them on a stand. This smoker is intended to be a table top model that I will eventually make into a tail-gater.

    Now don't laugh at the welds. My MIG welder quit on me, so I pulled out my old stick welder, which I have no experience on. I'm learning and the welds are getting better, but most of them look bad.

    Here's a couple pictures of the smoker and firebox doors.

    Here's the firebox grate.

    These last 2 photos show you basically where I want to put the air inlet for the firebox - see white chalk outline.

    Here's where my questions begin:

    1. I need some suggestions on how or what to build for the firebox inlets. The smoker calculator says I need 4 sq. inches. I've thought of several different ways to do this, but working on a curved surface is tricky and each idea I've had has it's draw backs. I need your input - HELP!

    2. I'm using a 3" ID pipe for the smoke stack. Again, the smoker calculator says I need just about a 10" stack. My question is whether that is 10" for overall length or 10" from the outside surface of the smoke box to the top of the stack.

    3. I've seen some info on the angle of the RF plate. Some say to leave it flat, some angle it up towards the non-fire box end. Because this will not be on a trailer that can be adjusted, I'm thinking of angling the plate towards the non-fire box end of the smoke chamber, then have the grease clean out at the fire box end. I need some input on this idea also.

    4. The smoke box's old valve whole will be a good entry point for a thermostat prob. Any suggestions on what to put in the whole to take up the extra space that the probe's wire does not take up? (maybe a hi temp rubber cork, or ???)

    Thanks for all your help and I'm looking forward to your responses.

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