new brisket idea

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
being from texas & doing countless cookoffs,caterings,fundraisers.. little league etc. i'm going to split a 20 lb brisket 4 ways for memorial day. slice down in 1/2 & split in 1/2(yah i know) but i will flour & braise the "raw" sides before putting on the smoker. not touching the fat cap. also gonna do a few chix 1/4s, a meat loaf & a fatty w/ dogs & brats just to see what this ecb can do w/ a couple temp mods- if i have to cheat & use the oven for a bit i will(just for sanitary reasons).i will post pics & try to use the pit as much as possible. like i said this is trying new mods. the food photos will come as i "get r' done" lol. happy smoking fer wkend- btw i also have to do the vfw bring a plate & do the parade thing. plant yer flag & light yer pit-gypsy.
Good luck with the cook gypsyseagod. Let us know how that brisket comes out, don't forget the camera for our Q view.

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I think there's a bunch of texans (ex and current) on here. I'm originally from Sweetwater.

i have never split a brisket- thats a sin in this state( ya have no clue how seriously texans take food) - beans in chili is an automatic disqualification in any tournament. anyway- i don't want to lose any juice so it's a new idea- i may just do a whole brisket( only way i ever have)no sense screwing around @ 3 bucks a pound.but thanx for the ideas- if meat ever gets cheap again i want to do a turkey/crawfish/venison sausage stuffed brisket. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.