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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by efrain, May 23, 2008.

  1. efrain

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    Hi everyone my name is Efrain Sandoval and im from orange county,ca.I am 21 y.o. and i enjoy all sports specially surfing ,boxin,wrestling,mma and football. enjoy all types of food but mostly Mexican,traditional American and of course BBQ!!! I just bought a Brinkman smoke'n grill and will be testing it out this memorial day weekend, i plan on making some babybacks this and my dads gonna try some beef ribs. Now i've been doing my homework and found the smoke'n grill is not the best smoker, so i would like to know if anyones got any tips/photos on how to modify this model.I found a few websites that show/describe the mods but they are not that clear and some show the mods for the gourmet ecb model.Also is it to soon to make some pork butt or brisket cause i wanna try those out to but heard that takes some more experience specially with the ecb.Also some tips on what types of rubs i should use would help alot.well thats about it all i can say now is how excited i am to start making some bbq and thanks to anyone who takes the time to give me some help!
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    Welcome Efrain. You've come to the right spot. Check out Jeffs free Ecourse. That would be a real good start. Other then that, there are no real rules. You can always try something ONCE and build on that.
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    Welcome to the SMF, Efrain! You have come to the right place. Others who know your rig will be along. Also, I would advise to try the 'search' feature as the site has a lot of info.

    For ribs, the 3-2-1 (for spares) and 2-2-1 (for babys) are a good method to use. (I am going to do some of these this weekend too)

    As a noob myself, I can share that a pork butt was my main draw to get into smoking and I have learned via experience (& the SMF) it is very forgiving and a good starting point to learn on. See the 'sticky' in the Pork section and you will be fine with this as a noob.

    I would be interested to hear more about the mexican cuisine. I have recently spent some biz travel there and love the food and have wondered if/how they incorporate smoke into their prep.
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    Welcome. Good luck with the smoking venture. You can learn good things here.
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    thanks for the replies!
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    Another So Cal smoker!!
    Welcome! You are ambitous at 21!! There is lots of great information here and even more great people!
    Don't be shy...ask and you shall far as rubs..Jeff's rub is a good one to start with!!
  7. kookie

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    Welcome aboard............Glad to have you here...................

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