New Again to Smoking

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Original poster
May 4, 2006
Pembroke Pines, Fl
Hello All
I'm new again to smoking meat, the last time i smoked some meat i was a 15 year old helping my dad. All i could remember from those years was how much of a pain in the but maintaing the fire was. :-0.
SOOO now i have bought an electric smoker to rid myself of that issue. Only 2 add more and different issues. :-).....
I bought the Brinkman gourmet electric smoker and grill. It does not have a temp, gauge so i bought a internal stand alone temp gauge and am wondering if i should tap a hole in the top and screw in a permament gauge? I am also wondering about the regulation of the internal temp, I have gathered by reading some of the postings that i can regulate the internal temp with the amount of h20 in the pan or i could build some type of external temp, control box. Any advice or sugestions on these issues or any MODS that will spare me the indignation of wasting meat would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time Roy
Howdy Roy-

I'm afraid I don't have any advice for you as I'm unfamilar with electeric smokers but I did want to welcome you to the forum. This is a great place to learn about smoking meats. Much like you I have memories of my Dad smoking meat (briskets for the Denver Stock Show) and loved helping him make the rub but it wasn't until recently that I began my own adventures in smoking. You'll get all your questions answered by the freindly folks here so never be shy about asking. Good luck with you first smoke and welcome to SMF.
hey guy's and Gal's thanks for the nice welcome 2 the forum. I have purchase the remote temp gauge as we speak :D and i will be looking forward 2 partisapating in the forum.
Thanks Roy
Roy, Welcome to SMF, I hope that you enjoy our family. Adding a thermometer to your Brinkmann is not really crucial on an electric smoker as they are designed to operate at around 225-250 degree range. You can certanly add one if you wish. It will give you an idea of whats going on inside without having to lift the lid to have a look. There is not a lot of mods that need to be made with an electric ECB-but if you were using a charcoal unit there are a number of mods that are recommended.
hey thanks for the info. I did purchase a Maverick ET-73 Redi-ChekÂ[emoji]174[/emoji] Wireless Remote Smoker Thermometer so i can at least see what the meat is doing without opening the lid and letting out all the heat :-)..
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