New 55 Gallon Horizontal smoker Pics

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I have tried using the side vents without much luck. I use the charcoal holder inserts from my weber preformer grill on each side of the grill. On an 80ish day with low humidity I fill the chimney starter to the top light and divide the coals in half in the grill. This gets me to about 350. Then I remove charcoal to get it down under 300. Suprisingly it doesn't take as much charcoal as I originally thought. I am going to try the minion method hopefully next weekend when I plan on doing a brisket. I will let you know how it turns out.
The handle looks like a pool Que on a BBQ. Nice touch.
looks good but heat control looks difficult.

I got to get me a welder to make a larger unit than my CG. Yours looks relatively simple to make. I think on mine I'll try to make it with a SFB.
That is a problem with the horizontals unless you trade in your car for one they are so small but take up alot of space.

I don't even think my cars worth enough to trade for a Lang!
you can even rent a welder from a equipment rental place. If you have any questions let me know. Also if you go on the lincoln welding site. They have some good ideas on projects. I made mine a little different so I could transport it in my SUV. The legs are 3 foot gas pipe. My wife thinks the grill sits too high but since I am 6'4" it works perfect for me.
You guys are awesome with your knowledge and ingenuity building your own smokers....I am in awe. keep up the good work and keep on sharing it....maybe one day some of it will rub off
Nice job there John!...
...I like that 'pool cue' handle too!...

In reference to your Vent Adjustment thread...I think I see what the problem is, and will go there to help you solve that problem.

Thanks for your patience...

Until later...
Nice job... I would love to make my own smoker... I am alway on the lookout for a SS drum and will get motivated when I find one.
I like how you have the top cut.. Up top on the back 1/4 of the drum would be a good area to add a warming tray up high for when you use it as a grill. And a place for taters and Fattys when your smoking.
Good luck with your first smokes...
Funny you should say that seaham....I am was cutting some expanded metal this afternoon for the warming/smoking more meat rack. I have to get some more paint. I used 3 cans of high heat glossy paint and need about 3 more. Hopefully I can find some brush on paint, i think that it will work better. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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