New 40" Birthday present...!!!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by dick bullard, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Finally joined the ranks of the MES owners.....picked the 40" up this morning at Sam's Club........Model 20070810.....1200 watts.......!  Plus the 3 year extended warantee....Raining out around here today, so just a short test in the garage to make sure everything works....which it did !!!

    My wife of course can't understand why I wanted another smoker (this makes 6).....but, she loves the tasty end results.......!

    Not quite use to the new site format yet...but didn't there used to be sticky threads.....I was looking for some of the stickys to bone up on the tips on this new 40".  Thought I had a link that had a list for new owners of all the basic tips they should know , but the post I was looking for wasn't there......

  2. abigail4476

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    Try looking through some of these threads/posts:  MES Tips   [​IMG]
  3. pandemonium

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    I was looking at that at my sams club yesterday, and man that thing looks like it will hold alot of meat in it. cant wait to see your first qview with it!!!
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  4. Thanks for the info....and yes, if it ever stop raining this week so I can try it out, I'll post QViews of its' maiden smoke....!!!

  5. pineywoods

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    Happy Birthday and congrats on the new MES!!!!!!!!!
  6. athabaskar

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    You're going to love it. I still love my New Braunfels but on these 100* plus summer days and coldest winter days the MES is king. Other than adding wood at the beginning it is set and forget with easy cleanup. Happy birthday!

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