Need some URGENT helpful ideas for a wrestling tournament fundraiser/hospitality room.

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Jan 31, 2012
Moro, Oregon
I'm an assistant wrestling coach at a small school and last year I volunteered to make pulled pork sandwiches for the coach/officials hospitality room.  I smoked 60-70 pounds of Boston Butt and it turned out great.  Everyone has asked me to do it again and to smoke some more to be sold as a fundraiser.  I agreed. The same guy that bought the meat for me last year was going to do it again.  I told him what I needed (Boston Butt, Pork Butt, Pork Shoulder) and that I would need it no later than Tuesday (today) to give me time to brine, smoke, and pull it before the tournament Saturday.  He delivered it to my house when I was gone and I come home to about 100 pounds of "Pork loin rib half".  I'm not positive what this is but it appears to be a standing rib roast.  I am not positive but I would guess that it is going to be impossible to turn this into pulled pork snadwiches.  So I need some help or advice.  What would you do with this?

I need to it to be done by Friday night or Saturday morning at the latest.  Any ideas?  Please help me.

Here is what I found for you at Cook's 

pork center loin roast = center cut pork loin roast = pork loin roast center cut = pork center rib roast = center cut pork roast = pork loin rib half = pork loin center cut = pork loin center rib roast  Notes:    For many cooks, this lean and tender cut makes the best pork roast of all.   One drawback is that it includes part of the animal's backbone, which adds flavor but can make the roast hard to slice after cooking.  One solution is to ask your butcher either to cut off the bone and tie it back on or to cut through the backbone in several places so that you can easily slice the cooked roast into chops.  If the backbone is removed and the ribs are "Frenched" or trimmed of meat, this cut is called a rack of pork.  To make a crown roast of pork, get two racks and tie them into a circular crown.  Your roast will be moister if the butcher doesn't trim the big slab of fat that usually comes with this cut.  The roast will be moister if you cut the fat off after the roast is cooked.   Steaks cut from this roast are called pork loin chops or pork rib chops.   Substitutes:    tenderloin OR pork sirloin roast OR fresh pork leg OR top loin roast OR Boston butt (higher in fat) OR rack of lamb 

So it sounds to me like you could make some really nice sliced sandwiches with them. I would also ask the guy if there is any way he can trade it for what you want.   

Would you also do us a favor and stop by roll call and introduce yourself and update your profile to include your location.
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is this what you have



or this

Find a butcher or someone w/ a meat saw and cut it into pork chops. That particular cut is not going to give you pulled pork.

2nd option is either debone and smoke or smoke then debone and chop it up for bbq pork sammies.
I believe what you have is where chops come from with the ribs attached.  This is too lean of a cut for low and slow cooking.  Needs more fat content, thats why the butt or shoulder is used for pulled pork.  If you are stuck with this cut, since it was donated, I would probably bone the ribs off, and smoke the ribs as seen on the forums with a 3-2-1 method, and just slice the loin into chops that can be grilled rather than smoked.
looks like sirloin to me ? It is definantly what pork chops are cut from.  You are not going to get pulled pork from them like you would a butt.
I'm pretty much stuck with this cut.  I may go out and buy some boston butt on my own and donate that, but what about smoking it at a hotter temp, cooking the roasts to temp and then slicing them to serve sliced sandwiches?  Or chopping it and serving chopped sandwiches?  
Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it and I am enjoying noising around the forum--lots of good info here.  

So question number two is how would you go about cooking these for sliced or chopped sandwiches?
If you cut them into 3/4 Slices, you could put them in Pops Brine, smoke to 145*F and make Smoked Hammie Chop Sandwiches, hot or cold...Top with Coleslaw or a Pineapple Salsa...Do the Baby Back Ribs with 2-2-1 and serve seperately to the organizers, while selling the sammies...JJ
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It amazes me how people do this..... I would be Irate.... You specificly asked for pork shoulder, pork butt or Boston butt and he comes up with this..... I would go on but I better not.......

Yeah I was pretty upset.  I take pride in providing a quality product (even if I'm donating it), and I don't like to server "expiriments" or untested recipes to groups.  I'll try things at home on a weekend until I feel like I have it mastered.  If we were in a better place financially or if I had another paycheck coming before the tournament I would go buy the pork butts that I need and then slice the roasts into chops and eat them throughout the year.  

I'm assuming that if I were to smoke these to serve I would still brine, rub, then smoke (3-2-1?).
I would just debone and smoke them all and take a cleaver to it. Big pile of chopped pork. You can serve sammies w/ bbq sauce or finishing sauce.

 If it was going in my face it would be chopped pork, w/ S.Fla quers finishing sauce w/ a scoop of cole slaw on a bun.
Jimmy gave you a great recipe - I would give it a try at home to get comfortable with it 
The Challenge with these will be keeping them Hot and Moist for service...The longer they sit the drier they will get...With Pops Ham brine the texture will be better and hold longer than just a salt brine and standard smoke...In either case you should not take the IT over 150*F in the initial Smoke, that way reheating, in a pan Jus, will give a better texture and stay juicier...3-2-1 has nothing to do with this cook since you are not making Racks of Spare Ribs...If you seperate the remaining rib bones from the loins you will have Baby Back Ribs and 2-2-1 woud be more appropriate for these...If you need a recipe for a Jus to reheat in, send me a PM with which direction you decided to go...JJ
Those look like some pretty nice cuts of pork.

Why not just keep those for yourself, put them in your freezer and buy some butts and shoulders for pulled pork?

You would be out the cash for the butts and shoulders, butt you would have some nice cuts for dinners, holidays, etc.

Just a thought.

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Those look like some pretty nice cuts of pork.

Why not just keep those for yourself, put them in your freezer and buy some butts and shoulders for pulled pork?

You would be out the cash for the butts and shoulders, butt you would have some nice cuts for dinners, holidays, etc.

Just a thought.


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