Need some help with ribs...

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Jul 5, 2007
A good friend works for a catering business and said she could get me a good price on ribs. So I ordered some and picked them up today, they were precooked and frozen
. I don't really know much about these ribs.

I planned on the 3-2-1 style ribs with Jeffs rub, which I am still going to use,
so how do you think I should reheat them. Wrapped, or maybe a 2-1-1 .

Any advice?? Thanks, sjb3
Sorry to hear about that, I know you were disappointed.

I've known some heretics that boil theirs ahead of time and then just throw them on an open smoker to brown them and give them a little smoke flavor... but with yours I'm not sure - can you post a pic of them maybe? If they've already been browned, then you probably won't be able to do more than smoking for an hour, and then *maybe* foiling for an hour with some apple juice to soften them up a little. So in the end that'll probably be something like 1-1-1 (or 1-1-.5).
Sorry no camera. Yea I thought i would try to get some smoke to them and then foil and AJ check the temp then take them out of the foil, put them back on the rack for a while. Thanks..
How many did you get? If you have enough you may want to experiment with them to see how tough they are to begin with. I assume since they are pre-cooked they don't require serious time. I would try heating them in the smoker until they are heated all the way through.. about an hour or so. If they aren't tough.. then skip the foil, it might just make them mushy.

If all else fails, throw em in the oven, bake em, eat em and start over with some other ribs next time.

Keep Smokin
I'd like to know the price and how good a friend he is now??
If their fully cooked, smokin is just gonna dry em out, just nuke em and eat em and fiend another supplier!
Boiling ribs will take out a lot of the flavor, and cooking them that fast will definitely make them tough. If you do try smoking them, keep the spritz going to give them some moisture, hopefully they won't dry out to much. I wish you luck.
personally i'd take the frozen ribs back to said "friend" - slap that "friend" across the kidneys w/ the still frozen ribs,let them rattle as they hit the floor,go to the store & get a real rack of fresh ribs, rub & foil them overnight in jeff's rub,3-2-1 them the next day,and thank me for the advice....
but thats just me.
another thought here, with using my GOSM id give them a good smoking for say an 1hr - 1.5 (i take it you have pork ribs) so they dont dry out and probly wont anyway, then slap on some Sweet baby Rays and glaze them on a med-high grill just intill the bbq starts to darken. you could alwase put the bbq sauce on while its in the smoker too.
man that sounds good (just made myself hungry and i just ate)
OMG !! Thats funny!!

Sorry to hear about your rib trouble, let us know how it all turns out.
Well first I should have ask more questions about the ribs, so I take the blame for that.

I put Jeffs rub on them and put them in the GOSM for about 2 hrs around 200*. Then wrapped in foil and put them in a cooler covered with towels.

Next I put on 1 Italian sausage fatty 2 lb JD sausage fatty stuffed with onion and chive cream cheese mix with 4 other shredded chesses, 32 ABTs, and one big order of Dutches wicked backed beans.

The ribs turned out great, firm not mushy, ABTs gone in about 30 seconds. The beans, ABTs and the stuffed fatty were talked about all night , in a good way.

Plus the beans did some talking the next day

Thanks for the replies. sjb3
Gee Sorry SJB I hope you can still at least flavor them. I'm picturing those ribs all cooked up with sauce in a cryopac bag. I wouldn't know what to do with them. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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