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Discussion in 'Beef' started by derek, May 22, 2009.

  1. Mods this is a general question as I am wanting to know about different meats so if possible, would you post this in multiple threads so I could get the best help?

    Howdy all. 1st I want to wish everyone a fun and safe memorial weekend. If there are any vets out there I want to personally say thank you for your service and for keeping me and my family safe.

    I am starting a thing with some friends and all our kids on Sundays for the summer. My friend has a community pool in her condo complex and it is hardly ever used so I am designating it Sunday bbq spot. Last weekend I brought my GOSM out to the pool and smoked some leg quarters and they were a real hit. I chose them (cause they're good) because they are a relatively quick smoke and pretty much everyone likes yardbird. It got me to thinking though, I don't want to have chicken every single time. I want to eat about 5 or 6ish so I was hoping to get some ideas about what I could smoke in 6 hrs or less? I can do ckn and ribs and maybe a meatloaf but I was wondering if anyone else had some ideas for other meats to smoke. Also, I was wondering if I started a butt in the oven about 7am (at around 200-225)if I could bring it to the pool about noon and pop it inthe smoker then if it would get sufficient smoke to be good? Any thoughts or ideas that might help? Thanks in advance...
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    Derek there are many things you can do. You could smoke a butt ahead of time pull it and then refrigerate it or freeze it and reheat it in the smoker the day of the party. I would smoke it the way I normally do then the day of the event put it in a roasting pan add the de-fatted juices and or some finishing sauce cover it tight with foil and turn the GOSM onto about 225 until the meat passes 140 degrees then serve. You could do a turkey in that time, you could do fatties, pork loins, heck the list goes on and on. Don't forget to try Dutch's Wicked Beans you can also omit a couple things and make them kid friendly. ABT's always make a good snack and can be made with mild peppers to be kid friendly. How about stuffed green peppers? I think the question is what can't I serve [​IMG]
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    If you want to do pulled pork in a relativly short time frame try country style ribs and take them to pulling temp. They are nothing more than sliced butt or just slice up a butt yourself. Beef ribs are another possibility or some kind of beef roast smoked to a medium rare temp.
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    What Piney says. I think if you cook your pulled pork in the oven first, you won't get the smoke penetration you want.
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    Ribs can be smoke in 5 hours, if that's what might please your crowd.

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