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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by drlouis, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. drlouis

    drlouis Smoke Blower

    ok, I'm trying to decide which smoker I want to replace my Big Chief with. I think I have it narrowed down to 3 that look very different to my inexperienced eye. I'd initially been attracted to the Cookshack smokette II, but then I started poking around here, and checked out the GOSM and Camp Chef smoke vault. Now I'm really confused [​IMG]

    The Cookshack is attractive because it looks like it'll be easy to use, and the weather here is extremely variable, so the insulation would be nice. The GOSM is nice and inexpensive, but I tend to be a big believer in 'you get what you pay for'.... The Camp Chef landed on my list primarily for that reason.

    so what I'd like to know is between the two gas units is there enough difference in quality to justify the higher price on the CC? and any thoughts on this electric vs these 2 propane units would be very much appreciated.

  2. kookie

    kookie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    From what I have read and seen, the camp chef cook vault is basicaly a higher quality gosm. The gosm is a good unit too and I have read that its quality depends on where you buy it at. Sounds like there are different grades of gosm's on the market. The cookshack is a nice unit also. But they are on the pricier end I believe..... Have you checked out the Masterbuilts? They are a pretty good electric unit.....I guess it just all depends on how much your budget is and if you want gass or electric and size you want.... If your on a tight budget for a few bucks you could make your big cheif into a nice unit too. I did that with my two little chiefs, smaller unit but same as big cheif... I added a bigger element to mine. And made an insulated box... I can smoke when it's below 0 out... It might take longer then when its 70 out but that to be expected.... Hope this helps you out......
  3. richtee

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    I don't use 'em but seems folks that do like all those models. Once more tho..if yer looking to just buy it and use it without too many mods, or major ones..I'd go gas. You CAN crank up an electric tho, and they are more convienient to use. I don't mind tending a fire/smoker tho. It's all personal prefs really.

    Some others who use these units will probably chime in too.
  4. gofish

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    I believe in you get what you pay for as well. Having said that ... there are a ton of exteremely happy GOSM owners who brag on their units and grub, I dont think there is anything wrong with them at all (just dont buy one from Wally-Mart). If your weather gets as bad as it sounds, you may want to stick with a quality electric unit so you can operate it in your garage/shed .......... (disclaimer: you should know this goes against every bit of common sense out there, your wife will yell at you, the manufacturer doesnt endorse it either, and research says that folks have burnttheir homes down cause of this) But, its a life saver come rain, snow and/or high bitter cold winds. You just need to have plenty of ventilation and STAY out there with it.
  5. greazy

    greazy Fire Starter

    After buying my Smoke Vault, I discovered a heavier-built rig at Lowes. Don't remember the name, but I would have opted for it. It does not have quite the capacity, but no problem....just smoke more often!
  6. drlouis

    drlouis Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the information and opinions. Based on what you're telling me ,and given that I already have an electric, I think I'll go with the Camp Chef.

    One more question for those of you who have this model: is the built in thermometer very accurate?

    GoFish: we get down to zero with some regularity in the winter, colder with the ever-present wind. And my Dad was a firefighter... I don't see myself running it inside. [​IMG]
  7. I find that the thermometer is very accurate..I have been using mine for a while and had some trouble keeping the temps up in this cold weather, so I built a wind break, actually, a small smoke house to put mine in, and now it runs better than ever...the temps stay stable, and the propane consumption has decreased...
    Here are a couple of pictures.

    I have since added a Camo curtain in the front to keep the heat is a heavy material that I picked up cheap at Walmart
  8. drlouis

    drlouis Smoke Blower

    Thanks podevil.

    That looks like a really good idea, I might have to copy it.
  9. ron50

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    I have a CCSV and I find the unit good and the thermometer accurate.

    Realize that the temperature varies within the smoker from shelf to shelf but the thermometer supplies if giving you an accurate reading at its location.

    I have never owned a GOSM but from what I have read it's basically a CCSV with thinner metal and perhaps a slightly lower build quality.

    That being said, there are many more GOSM owners here then CCSV owners so that says a lot for it's ability to turn out great Q as the members of SMF are always striving for high quality results.

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