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I got a Gosm smoker from Walmart a 3405..
Got it assembled, hooked it up to a brand new tank, & it lit right up, big flame on high, & turned it down to low & the temp was 300.. checked it again & the fire was out.. After a few tries it lit again, but in a short time the flame got smaller & smaller, & finally went out again.. this continued for quite a few lites.. So I thought I guess I got a bum tank, but to be sure I connected my Turkey Fryer to it & it works fine, so that ruled out a bad tank... So I took the hose that goes to the smoker, put it on high & blew in the end that connects to the tank. In a bit I could hear air coming out the burner.. Hooked it up, & started right off with a big flame on high, & stayed lit a bit longer, but had to turn it down.. I went through this blowing & lighting procedure a few times, & it seems that each time it stays lit a bit longer.. Can anyone help me with this? could it be a faulty regulator on the hose? or is there some adjustment I can make anywhere? I got Jerkey marinating to smoke tomorrow, & a loin.. Thanks for any assistance I can get..

not sure about your problem is it sounds like your 02 oxygen is burning up and it is putting out the flame is it a nice blue flame when it does burn or yellow there is a 02 adjustment on the hard line going into the burner it is a screen you may need to open it so you get a nice blue flametry opening your vents all the way open make sure that the burner is off when you turn on the gas once the gas is on open the regulator on the gosm and light it hope this helps you out someone that knows more about it will surly post something shortly
johnnyo, I think you nailed it with thinking the regulator is bad. They are easily replaced and readily available at most hardware and department stores which sell propane items.

If you need the smoker in a hurry buy a regulator then write the manufacturer enclosing copies of your proof of purchase. Do not send originals.

Hope this helps!
Well it's my bad.. Thanks for your replies.. Just to be sure I went out & tried to tighten the big plastic knob that tightens onto the tank, & lo & behold the thing turned a bit more.. I thought it was tight but obviously not quite enough.. there was enough looseness to not get enough fuel. I was afraid of stripping something.. It works perfectly now tried it at all settings, & all work OK... Funny how much harder this one was to turn compared to the turkey fryer.. Thanks again for your replies.. & Happy Easter.. That loin will go down nicely on Sunday.. not to mention the jerky with the refreshments..
glad to hear ya got figured it out, now that she's up n runnin, give her a good seasoning before that trial smoke
It is a great day when a huge problem melts away and smiles return! Happy Easter Friend!

Hi all.This is one of the smokers I brought from South Texas for our son in Winnipeg.. Seasoned it today, & will put it to work tomorrow. Jerky is marinating in the fridge overnite.. Any body got any suggestions for rubbing on the loin. We're both greenhorns at this..
Once we get home to Prince Albert Sask..(brrrr),(My buddy e-mailed me & said it was 82 there).. I'll set up my Big Block, But I am impressed with this Walmart one, no dents, assembly was easy, & the wood pan that came with it produced smoke rather quickly..
We will be doing the pork loin & the beef jerky at the same time, with tooth picks through the jerky, & hanging them from the shelving..
i have been to P.A. a few times... use to live in Speedy Creek... my daughter was born there

this is the rub i have been using for my ribs

2 tbl paprika
2 tbl brown sugar
1 tbl salt
2 tbl garlic powder
1 tbl onion powder
3/4 tbl cumin
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tbl chili powder
2 tbl fresh cracked black pepper
1 tbl italian seasoning - rubbed to release essential oils
Hey, johnnyo!
Next time, instead of toothpicks use wooden ka-bob skewers. Soak them a bit before use and you can hang a number of pieces on each making handling easier and faster.
Happy Easter!
Thanks, much.. will try that rub... sounds good.. Don't know why I didn't think of skewers. thanks for the tip. I guess people were right when they told me that as I get older the mind is the first thing to to go start mixing that rub together.. ya'll have a good one..
Incidentally, PA is a nice place, & pretty, but this time of year I prefer to be inside looking out.. haha..Haven't been there since we left in the fall, but sources tell me they got another couple inches of snow.. maybe when I fire up the Big Block some will melt.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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