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Mar 6, 2006
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I went out today and bought a new smoker trying a smoky mountain wide gas smoker, I love the heat regulation, it was awsome but it didnt make smoke, i bought hickory woodchips, soaked em 20 mins and put in little cast iron box above burner, never seen smoke or tasted it, my brinkmann charcoal upright smoker belows like a chimney, all the neighbors knew i was cooking out! they didnt even know i was in town today. i followed directions to a T what did I do wrong??? I made a tri tip, a brisket, a corned beef all about 2 pds and a whole cut up chicken. all was very tastey and juciy but no smoke ring or flavor of smoke. please help!!!!!!!!! im posting a pic of the smoker i bought
cmacv, when I use my smoker (GOSM Wide body-propane) I use dry wood and make sure the smoker is well over 200 degrees. I also preheat the wood box before I put the chips or wood chunks in.
so dont soak the chips / chunks. what works better chips or chunks??
also when the smoke stops do i add more chips / chunks or do i dump old chips than add new?
I recommend chunks for the smoker and chips for grilling. There's no need to soak chunks. I put 3 or 4 good sized chunks in the wood box. When first starting out I used the lid for the wood box but quickly found that I didn't need it so I don't use it any more.

You may need to crank the fire up just a bit (about med-high) at first to get the cast iron box hot enough to get the wood smoking. Then once you see smoke, back the temperature down to med or med-low until you get the desired temperture in you smoker.

When refilling the wood box I just brush the little bit of ash and any partially burnt pieces to one side. When I put the new wood in I ensure that it gets clean contact with the cast iron of the wood box and then position a few of the already burning pieces to touch the new wood too. That will get the new wood burning quickly. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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