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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by drallams, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. drallams

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    Can I start my bed of coals from some hardwood firewood I already have prior to putting on the lump charcoal and once I have established a nice bed of coals from my lump coal supply, I am going to start placing on the hickory until my meat reaches 140 degrees internally. What length of wood logs do I put on for smoking and is it ok to put it in with the bark on and should I split it down to a specific size? Thanks in advance. Todd
  2. fatback joe

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    Can I start with a bed of coas before adding lump - Yes, you don't even have to use the lump if you don't want

    Length and split size depend on what size of cooker/firebox you got. Bark on or off is a matter of debate, but off seems to be preferred.

    What are you cooking on? Equipment we have heard of or a homemade set up?
  3. fatback joe

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    Oh, and welcome to the forum.

    About a foot long and as big around as your wrist is pretty common for splits going into a firebox on something like a Lang or comparable size.
  4. flagriller

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    Yes you can put un-lit lump on, and honestly, once you get a fire going why not use only wood? I would not use briquettes for this. As Joe said, the size is all dependent on the size of your firebox. As for bark on/off, FWIW, I prefer off.
  5. flagriller

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    Whoops, welcome to the forum. Take the 5 day class, you'll enjoy it.[​IMG]
  6. richtee

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    Hey Drallams...head over to the roll call forum and introduce yourself and your equipment. We'll be able to give ya MUCH more germaine and helpful answers when we have that info! Welcome to SMF, and sign up for the 5 day ecourse as well...good stuff!
  7. deejaydebi

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    Welcome Todd -

    Yes you can. We can give you better information once you introduce yourself and tell us what type of smoker you are using.

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