need a quick answer-spam in a can

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
i just put a can of spam in the smoker, along with an 11-lb brisket, the last pack of that "pork for bbq" i had in the freezer, 2 dozen ABTs, two packs of the little smokies, and a JD sage fatty. ***question: what temp do i take the spam too?*** i am using mesquite and pecan. be looking for the q-view tomorrow.
I beleive the spam is alredy cooked.I have had it right out of the can before. If I am not mistaken you should only have to heat it up till you think it has enough smoke for your taste.
ahhh, <slapping self on head> doh!. i forgot it is already cooked. i usually fry it up. i don't like it straight from the can. i thought i would smoke a can and see how it tastes. thanks for reminding me it is already cooked.
Chris let me know how it comes out, I was Sams yesterday and had a couple cans in my hands but I knew I wouldn't have room for them. But I do want to try it. Personaly I like it. I tried it out of the can, but it had to much of that slimmy clear stuff on it. So I just fry it, but I bet it would taste good smoked.
it's best if you cube it and skewer it,or do slices 1/2" thick.
hawaiins love the spam, as i do also,there are five star resturants in hawaii that serve spam on the menu.

i just made a sammich out of the spam. it was good. my wife and i don't really care for spam (maybe fry up a can once a year). she ate half a sammich. the little smokies came out good too. i ate a couple of the ABTs. of course, they were good.
Hmmmm Spam ... I haven't had that since they stopped putting it in sea rations or MREs as they call it now.

It is good smoked? I could never eat that stuff unless it was thin sliced and almost burnt - to much fat.
omg- c-rats.... i remember those they put salt peter in it back then.... i actually had some that said 1961 on the can....
Hhmmm, SPAM Jerky, how about SPAM Kabbobs, maybe smoked SPAM and beans?

We can start something here, maybe we should buy stock in SPAM before we start a fad !!!
lol, mossy. it was pretty good smoked. i smoked it for about 2 hours. i am making a batch of wicked beans tomorrow.

i hated the "ham slice" in the MREs. it was a slice of spam, that is all it was.
spam masubi- raw spam w/ a vinegar steamed ricecake wrapped in dried seaweed.....they sell those for a buck a pop @ every conv. store in hawaii (like heatlamp tacos in texas) - they taste worse than they smell.... and thats saying a lot.
Hey Chris, Didn't the slice of ham come with a potatoes au rotten pack too? It had that gel all over it! When I first saw this site and saw the fattie idea, I thought hhmmmm, you could do the same thing with scrapple or even SPAM!! I did try it and it was ok...I swore when I came back from Saudi I wouldn't eat any more spam or dinty moore beef stew...
Now there's a blast from the past! When my kids were still kids (more years ago than I'd like to admit...), we went camping alot and guess what they always wanted on the camping grocery list...? They still make that stuff?
Ma Dutch makes a mean Spam salad sammich that the kids will eat right up but they won't touch the stuff right out of the can.

Cut the Spam into chunks and place in a food processor, add 1/2 cup of mayo or salad dressing, 1/2 cup of sweet pickle relish. Mix everything together. (If you don't have a processor, run the Spam though the coarse side of a food grater)

Thin slice some lettuce then give it a coarse chop. Place it into a large mixing bowl. (I like to add 1/4 cup diced red onion-optional). Put the Spam/relish mixture into the mixing bowl and mix to incorporate the lettuce and the onion. Place mixture between two slices of your favorite bread and enjoy! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.