Need a decent butcher for pork fast!

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 29, 2006
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
I'm going out to buy a whole pork shoulder for a BBQ I have coming up in a week or so. So I goto one of my local butchers that i've used from time to time. They had Porks Legs out there, but they didn't look like back legs. So I ask "Are these front or back legs?" the response I get is "I dunno, it's just a leg."

SO to say the least i'm mad. And the only other local butcher that I can think of is Witteveen's which is mainly beef. So does anybody here know of any half decent butchers in Southern Ontario/Kitchener-Waterloo are?

And if not...should I just keep pressing this other butcher to find out whether they're front or back legs?
Nick, I know I'm not from your area, but a back leg will be shaped like a bone in ham, or kind of ball shaped on the big end. A shoulder or front leg will be more recetangle in shape and flat, maybe 6" thick or so, with the leg or shank on the bottom. Maybe this will help.
Nick I'm sorry I can't help you on this. But I do want to thank you for making me LMAO. What kind of lame answer was that to give you? I don't know how I would of handled a situation like that. Good luck and I hope you can find a front leg.
Ok, guys, I'm new and all but....don't come at me with
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