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    Hey folks, I am originally from KC and moved to the country 4 years ago, best decision in my life after marriage. Anyhow, down in KC for years there has been a very small movement to get a national hall of fame for our hobby located there. Maybe its because of the cowtown image, maybe its because of the aura of "KC barbeque, maybe its the American Royal and BBQ. But it is where the KCBS is also. But, then there is the rivalry with Memphis and their BBQ. Me I cook both ways. I prefer sweet sauce over a vinegar base. I cook great pork and beef. I prefer pork, to me it smells better and looks better. Now the folks down in Atlanta are getting involved and have a great idea that might land that hall of fame in KC. Here is a link from the KC STAR all about it.
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    Thanks for the link Dave. Interesting stuff!
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    Very interesting artical..........Now to wait and see what happens.............Thanks for the link......
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    Thanks for posting.

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