Naming your smoker...

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May 5, 2007
Has anyone named their smoker? People name boats, cars, trucks, sewing machines and even certain body parts. I think a smoker deserves the same respect. I have heard tales that it is supposed to be good mojo to name your beloved smoking device.

Therefore, I am definitely going to name mine. I haven't decided on one just yet, but have a couple of strong candidates: Clarence or Leola
, in honor of my grandparents who were a very strong influence on me growing up.

Stay tuned...
I concur, one's smoker should have a name. I've been thinking about naming mine for the past week and a half but have not come up with anything I like yet. Will let you know when I decide.
I'm still throwing a couple around .....waiting for her true personality to shine through....maybe Betsy or Natasha
I know there are a few here who have theirs named...I've pondered but I don't think I've fully realized the King Kooker's personality yet...
I thought about naming it after its personality, but everytime its personality comes out, I mod the darn thing and it all changes!
it seems to me that here every brinkman make & model is an ecb.with our current finances mine was not cheap lol, but as far as the name goes,until i have cooked everything on it @ least once, i call it "the brink".. because until i'm used to it, i'm on the brink of either paranoia or madness, just not sure which.
'Old Smoky' ... comes to mind ... doesn't that sound original?

Kinda like 'Betsy' for a car!

I have two R2D2s and an offset ... Smoke Vault coming! It's like naming triplets ...
I agree to the idea. Since I built mine, once it is finished I plan on painting the name on the side. It really is like part of the family. You create it you spend time w/ it. You clean it. And you spend money on it. Sounds alot like a child... only you dont have to save up a collage fund for it.

I have not yet decided on a name however. I will have one buy the time I get to paint it... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.