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  1. nick

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    Just bought 12 racks of BB's from my local store here (Rouses). I believe the brand normally is Swift Premium. This time it was "LUNDY'S" Anyone ever use that brand before? They were cryo-vac bags and looked ok....I'll know next weekend[​IMG]

    btw... they were on sale ....$2.99 a pound.
  2. walking dude

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    BB'S for 3 bux a pound.......nice score dude...........
  3. packplantpath

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    Lundy's packing plant is I believe in Clinton NC. I think it is now owned by Premium Standard Farms, but I'm not positive on that either, Smithfield foods may have bought them. Most packing plants label things for other brands, you just got the house brand.

    Example, Carolina Turkey (just 10 miles from where I grew up), has for years made all Jenni-O turkeys, and had a house brand. Father in law worked there and said they both came off the same line.

    Should be good pork from the second largest pork producing state in the U.S. (just behind Iowa, because of politics).
  4. You are right packplantpath, Lundy's is in Clinton NC, had been bought by Premium Standard and is now owned by Smithfield Meats. The quality is good and you can't beat $2.99/lb for BBs. I drive by the plant all the time and am considering a raid on one of their trucks.....lots of good meat there. [​IMG]
  5. packplantpath

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    Crap, smithfield owns the world around here now.....
    Make some good pork though. Once upon a time, we drove down to Clinton to pick up a 1000 gallons of pork fat from the plant. We used it to add a little fat to the hog feed. Not sure if they still let em do that or not since the mad cow craze.

    Have you ever been to wells pork products in Burgaw? It's not too far from there and they have some great pork. They were just bought out by a family friend, and I assume he hasn't changed things much.

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