Mysliwska - Hunter's Sausage (Snack Stick Version)

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Thanks! I just got some mace that I'm eager to try, it's like a spicy nutmeg! I might try out a version without the NFPDM. What ferment do you use in this one?

As for the latter recipe, thanks for sharing! The "slim jim" style is quite popular, but it's it's pretty much the exact opposite of what I'm trying to make (floppy/emulsified vs. textured/firm). Though I'm sure it'll be appreciated by many who might stumble on this thread looking for 15mm casing tips.
B-LC-007 or HPS Dry.
15mm I only have 2 vac bags left. Last time I got a caddy 0f 15mm they were $190
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B-LC-007 or HPS Dry.
15mm I only have 2 vac bags left. Last time I got a caddy 0f 15mm they were $190

Wow! Now I see the price at $400! That's crazy! I think when I got my box is was like $250 or so.

You can bet I'm treating what remains in my box like its gold. I definitely don't want to fork over $400. It's too bad there isn't a vendor that sells smaller quantities of 15mm so that folks can easily try it out.

Actually there are small quantity options now! There's a business is selling small quantities of the mahogany on ebay, and I do see one option on Amazon for the Fine-T/clear casings at 15mm. Nice!
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Just pulled them out of their bags, as the moisture had stabilized. The casings softened as expected, but...

I never thought I'd say this, but these snack sticks are over-dried. Moisture meter reads 42%. I think maybe only one day at 62F/70% RH would've been enough instead of 3-4 days. That would've left me at ~55% original weight loss instead of 62% (which probably would've been enough to push me from my target moisture % of 46% to 42%).

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