My wife is one of the founding members of the burnt meat club

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Here is how most of the family likes a nice rib roast, I cooked a few slabs to well done for my wife and another gal lol. Having a 4’ cutting board has worked out great


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That's not Burnt, that's flavor!

When I buy nice, thick prime steaks and I know someone will want theirs well done....
I buy them an inexpensive Sirloin and cremate that for them.

That or I cook everything rare- med rare, and then tell them the grill is still going or the oven broiler is on.
I just can't bring myself to do it.

My wife loves the pink meat! 💗 :emoji_innocent: :emoji_heart_eyes::emoji_laughing:
I agree.
Louisiana, Texas ordering burn't or blackened is not unusual. Here in So Cal, ya order it that way and everyone within ear shot is a jury and wants you to order it the way THEY like it.
LOL it took a long while to convince my wife that a smoke ring doesn't indicate doneness. I mean, think about it for crying out loud, the outside wouldn't be raw and the inside cooked ...... My wife is also in the burnt is done camp.
We have family in Europe and when they visit the USA they think the smoke ring means under Cooked. It's the first thing I explain and re explain to them.

Also remind them what skunks are. They have no clue.

We witnessed a tour bussload of euro visitors gathering outside a Q shack and attempted to pet a passing white skunk.
That's another thread for a different forum.
So I’ve always known my wife was a member of the burnt meat club she likes her steaks, tri tip you name it well done always been able to kind of walk the line and cook mine the way I like and hers the way she likes. This week I realized she is a founding member!
She must know my brother-in-law then because I think he wrote the book on burnt steak...🤣 For him, there is no "that's too done"...
Guessing some wouldn't appreciate me eating ground round on a cracker with raw onions. And yes, the ground round is raw... dang, now I have a craving!


That is just wrong Ryan, :emoji_sunglasses:

I worked for a Lebanese guy that would eat the raw burger right out of the package .
Then he would make a batch of Kibbeh

ME: 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮

Is kibbeh raw meat?


Kibbeh Nayyeh is a tasty Lebanese dish made from raw meat, simple ingredients, and easy preparation and served for special occasions. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy. Kibbeh Nayyeh is a delicacy in Lebanese cuisine that is made of raw beef or lamb mixed with bulgur and spices.

Wow the replies and the stories have been awesome.
Certainly a lot more responses Then I ever expected apparently I’ve hit a nerve with some lol.
Maybe we should start a support group for the men of wives who like to burn food
I feel you bro, my wife is the sworn enemy of all cooking.
Not that she won't cook but that the results are often quite "interesting".
My wife is a good cook but likes beef and pork products burnt.

My wife is the same way, a steak cant have any life or pink in it, $50 steak at a nice restaurant and any sign of pink its going back for some more crispification :emoji_laughing: , I do 99% of the cooking and have for a long time, getting ready to go on a diet for a few months, shoulder surgery and will be out of commission for a few months, that's ok need to loose some weight any way,
She won’t even order steak at restaurants because she knows she won’t be happy good luck with your surgery and your weight loss

My stepdaughter and her husband (mostly her though) require everything to resemble charcoal. Drives me a little batty at times, especially overly well done steaks.
Yes I’m just used to cooking some peoples beyond what I like I have a son-in-law who can’t or won’t eat pork which drives me nuts trying to figure out what to smoke when he comes over

A little char with your meal is ok...Right?



I feel your pain my friend. My wife actually believes there is such a thing as multitasking.

Stuff like this happens to me all the time if I ask her to help me. THAT is why I make sure I make the time to do things myself.

Yeah I don’t normally ask her to help me when I’m doing these things but sometimes don’t have a choice didn’t expect the run to the store was going to take twice as long as I thought. learned from my mistake

Med rare is overcooked for Jane. Makes my life easy.
Lucky man

You just described my wife‘s steak preference perfectly! I think it’s a genetic disorder. Well done steak is the worst-IMO A crime.

I dont cook her steak anymore. I just make them medium rare for me when she is traveling. It’s just easier. When I cook for us its meats that needs to be fully cooked like poultry, fish, pork etc. it’s fine…🤦‍♂️
I’m with you there. I usually smoke a lot of things that need to be a certain temperature to be done and not have to worry about leaving it the way I like so I don’t often do tri-tips or steaks

We been married for over 39 years, I learned which battles I can win a long time ago lol.
Only 36 years for me so I’m still learning lol

The answer: "thank you honey, I love you"
and make silent mental note
I try I try but sometimes I just can’t
The interesting part is what is going on inside one's thought process of today's generation to have the desire to only want well done meat. For many years (in the past) the belief is that it originated back when there was a lack of refrigeration and meat was cooked extra long to be safe. The youngsters of that era grew up with it and when they had children they too were exposed to well done because that's the way their parents did it. By this time refrigeration had well been established but the well done phenomena continued. So here we are 4-5 generations later and well done is still a thing for some. It can either this hold over from days gone by or It's the misconception of 'it's red = raw'. When I worked in a steak house a number of years ago some customers ordered prime rib well done. We never had any that way BUTTTT, a quick dunk of a gorgeous med-rare slice into the au jus bucket and voila no more red. Many served that way commented it was the best prime rib they ever had. They say you first eat with your eyes, then nose and finally taste. I'm saddened that some can never get past their eyes.
I must say and I bet a lot of others do also if it comes down to it. Med to Well, NOT burnt lol

I used to do ( few years back ) weddings and special occasions at the yacht club and other places. When we would put on hips of beef and the line would start to come and get the meat part.
Almost everyone that came up ,the men and lady's ( or what ever they wanted to call themselves , oh wait it was only men or Lady's back then )
would ask for the END CUTS . And I understand that , more flavour and still juicy. But at no way was it rare or even med. But it was tender and juicy.
And that is also how I love my meat, tender and juicy . Little pink ok with me just not pouring blood. But that is me
And lots of other folks from my standing behind the line of hungury savages at these cooks

The wife and I both like our beef with the nerve ends still twitching. A good rare steak and a helping of blood bread after makes for a good meal.

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I grew up thinking I didn't like steak because I'd only had cheap cuts that had been beaten with the edge of a saucer in an attempt to tenderize and then pan fried until it was past well done. My mum still doesn't like to see any pink in her meat but we have managed to get her to order medium well steak instead of well done.
My son was 8 years old when I had to sit him down and explain that the smoke alarm was not actually the dinner bell.

Perhaps my wife is a distant cousin to yours dr rat dr rat ?
Omg that’s hilarious. Good thing I wasn’t drinking or eating or I’d of spit my food out

LOL it took a long while to convince my wife that a smoke ring doesn't indicate doneness. I mean, think about it for crying out loud, the outside wouldn't be raw and the inside cooked ...... My wife is also in the burnt is done camp.
Have a hard time with pork she never believes me it’s done.

My wife was in that well done club when we first met. Took me a couple years to convince her that anything past med rare only got tougher. Now only time she ask for medium is when we're out and she's getting a burger.
Great job. Can’t break mine

So glad my wife is on the medium rare bandwagon!

Lucky man

I feel your pain- dealing w the same here. When the steaks or burgers are done I just cook hers another 10 or so - it’s hard to do
I’ve learned to just do it better then the argument

Ha Ha , I hear you on all of that.

Mona is a good cook , she just likes it too well done . And like Ray @Nefarious said .
The running joke here is when the smoke alarm goes off supper is ready. She gets it honestly.

Now that her mom ( 87 ) is living with us. She cooked ground hamburger for a meal she wanted to cook for us.
Well the burger was like hard burnt split pea size pieces. It was hard to smile and chew that meal . But I did.

You’re a better man then me not sure I could do it.

Glad to hear others are in the same boat with me.
My wife wants no pink at all along with absolutely no fat.
I trim everything off her steaks, start hers and I do not put mine on until I have flipped hers over.
I have shown her publications, reviews, everything where it talks about a steak being shoe leather past 145 and she still wants it brown inside.
It took me years to finally get her to eat a filet mignon that I left some pink inside. She was sure she was going to get food poisoning.
Now she will put up with some pink meat but absolutely no reddish-brown juice running out of steps.
My youngest daughter was like that she finally came around and likes hers med rare

OMG if my wife sees any juice/blood she stops eating and her meal is over. It’s so bad. While I love the bloody juice!
Yep same here
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My mom is in the well done class, I cooked her a porter house at 162* in a sous vide for 6 hours, then seared in brown butter in a CI skillet. I was shocked how moist and tender it was.

So if you need to massacre meat for anyone, try S.V then a quit sear it works great.

I personally can't stand rare meat, to me, it has way more flavor med rare, but that's just my taste.
Well the roasts were not really bloody much but were very juicy and the hickory bark adds a lot of color, they were very good, to clean the board isn't to bad but is messy lol, water hose and a sheet pan to set it on and rinse with a pitcher or 3 of hot water. I really enjoy the board for a lot of projects and price was decent. rural king carry's them fyi . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.